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NW Indiana man found dead beneath overturned lawn mower
Relatives told investigators they had noticed Wilkening mowing grass around the pond about 9 p.m. Saturday with a zero-turn radius mower. A few hours later, they noticed lights on in a pole barn and found him dead under the mower, which was at the base of ...

Coroner: Rural Porter County man found dead early Sunday under overturned riding lawn mower
When the family noticed lights on in a pole barn later that same night, they went looking for Wilkening and found him at the base of a culvert with the zero-turn radius Husqvarna mower on top of him, Harris said. The Porter County Sheriff’s Department ...

RICH: Men and machines
We were newly married when Tink came home from an errand and found me cutting grass with a Bush Hog brand zero-turn mower. I’ve been cutting grass since I was 11, when Daddy proudly brought home a fancy blue Sears Roebuck riding mower that even had ...

FCMH Foundation announces Super Summer Raffle
Powered by Baxla Tractor Sales and Beford Ford Lincoln, tickets are now available for the fundraiser in which one lucky person will win a 48” zero-turn, eXmark brand mower. Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased at Baxla Tractor Sales – 2312 US ...

Garage spared in mower fire
A volunteer firefighter douses a zero-turn lawn mower in a garage on Sulphur Road Thursday morning, May 10. Owner Ted Poston said he had been mowing with the machine that morning and had parked it in the structure and walked into an adjoining workshop.

Porter Township man dies in riding mower accident
Later in the evening, Harris said, on seeing lights burning on the pole barn, the family members went to check on Wilkening and found him at the base of a culvert with the zero-turn Husqvarna mower on top of him. Wilkening was pronounced deceased at 12:50 ...

TERO-certified Fourkiller Lawn Solutions keeps growing
He started out with a used zero-turn mower his father bought him and a push mower he borrowed from his grandfather. He hauled the mowers around on a small trailer and began mowing five residential lawns. By the next summer, he had a couple more lawns to ...

Have you seen this landscape trailer and mowers?
The mowing equipment inside has not been recovered. Missing items include two John Deere 930m zero turn mowers, four Echo string trimmers and four Stihl backpack leaf blowers. Value of the stolen items exceeds $20,000. There is no suspect at this time.

Bush Hog Inc. walks, raffles for breast cancer
A ticket to enter the raffle for the pink mower is $10. For Bush Hog, this is not the first time they have given back to the community and to national efforts. Recently, the company donated four zero-turn mowers to the City of Selma government to assist ...

How To Pick The Perfect Tow-Behind Mower
Need more mower-buying information? Mowers Direct’s Best Mowers of 2018 is a buyers’ guide to everything from push/riding to commercial zero-turn and tow-behinds. Facility Executive is your one-stop source for information on quality operation ...

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