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Large Yankee Candles Are Buy One, Get One Free
Looking for some more candles to add do your collection? How about a last-minute Mother’s Day gift? Now through May 13, you can score buy one, get one free candles at Yankee Candle, both in-store and online. Excluding WoodWick and Chesapeake Bay ...

Yankee Candle's summer scents sound delightful
If you love relaxing with a scented candle as much as we do, then listen up because Yankee Candle has only gone and launched a new holiday-inspired collection for summer – and it sounds amazing. There are four new scents to choose from in the affordable ...

12 Scented Candles That'll Make Your House Smell Incredible
and thankfully no "Florida Man" musk.) What even is a scented candle roundup without a Yankee Candle? French vanilla's classic and will take you back to your childhood. Okay, so you couldn't swing a vacation in Italy this summer, but that doesn't mean you ...

Drug addict stole from city shop to pay debts
She has been homeless ever since. The 49-year-old, currently on a suspended sentence for supplying heroin, went into Wilko in Worcester High Street with a backpack and loaded eight Yankee candles into it. The court heard she was using the candles to pay ...

Yankee Stadium might just be the new Coors Field, AL edition
Let’s state a fact. The New York Yankees are incredible in their home ballpark. While it doesn’t hold a candle to the old Yankee Stadium, the new Bronx Cathedral is something spectacular. It is supposed to appeal to younger generations of fans but ...

The fight for Sharpie and Yankee Candle
An $18 billion case of buyer's remorse is gripping the conglomerate that makes Sharpie, Yankee Candle and Elmer's glue. In 2015, Jarden co-founder Martin Franklin sold his brand to Newell Rubbermaid, combining the company that made Mr. Coffee and Crock-Pot ...

April Vacation Week Activities at Yankee Candle Village
Yankee Candle Village is packed with events for April Vacation Week! Lauren was live at Yankee Candle Village with Wade Bassett and Dana Fulton talking all about their upcoming events, along with new fragrances, accessories and personalized candles!

Vegan Candles And Scents For Your Home
Perfect for a summer’s evening! All the Yankee Candles are available in Large (£23.99), Medium (£19.99) and Small Jars (£8.99). As with Aldi’s premium candle collection, the luxury reed diffusers will be available in-store only ...

Yankee Candle Open Immersive Pop-Up Shop in NYC
First of Its Kind Pop-Up Shop Offers Multi-Sensory Shopping Experience SOUTH DEERFIELD, Mass., Nov. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Home fragrance expert Yankee Candle opens its first-ever experiential pop-up shop, CandlePower by Yankee Candle, in New York City on ...

Yankee Candle to open pop-up shop in Soho
Everyone’s decorating obsession, Yankee Candle, is opening a holiday pop-up in Soho that will include its other brands, WoodWick and Chesapeake Bay. The 5,340-square-foot store, CandlePower, will debut at 503 Broadway next to Zara on Nov. 9 and remain ...

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