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Burning issue: Are wood-burning stoves going to get the chop?
Around 2.5 million UK homes have a wood-burning stove or open fire. Photograph: Alamy Millions of households with open fires and wood-burning stoves could face curbs on their use after the government unveiled plans to clean up the UK’s air quality.

The best camping stoves
The innovative wood-burning stove — which began as a Kickstarter projectand costs just $70 — is fueled from bits of foraged wood, pinecones, and branches. That means you don’t have any fuel canisters to refill and drag along. The high-tech ...

Wood-burning stoves: What do the new rules mean for your heater?
More than one million British family homes warm their cockles with a wood-burning stove during the winter months. This year, however, they could face a crackdown, after the Government announced plans to regulate stoves as part of its wider clean air strategy.

Burn wood, they said, it’ll be green, they said — how the eco-freaks got us all wheezing
The Green lobby. The eco-freaks. The obsessive loons. The climate change fanatics. Right now the Government is thinking of getting tough on wood-burning stoves. If you’re middle class, you’ve probably got one. They’ve become incredibly popular in the ...

Wood Stove Replacement Vouchers Available Today
Butte County, Calif.--Wood burning stoves are a popular way to keep your home warm during the cold winters in the North State. They can be more affordable than central heating, but the older model stoves put out a lot of harmful particulates into the air.

Food Find | Flame and Pie mobile wood burning stove
Natalie Joseph visits Flame and Pie's mobile wood burning stove. Flame and Pie travels througout Hampton Roads. Natalie Joseph visits Flame and Pie's mobile wood burning stove. Flame and Pie travels througout Hampton Roads. SEE MORE VIDEOS Natalie Joseph ...

CHRISTOPHER BROOKER: Scandal of 'killer' wood burning stoves and the question - is the political class’s obsession with global warming rotting their brains?
The Government earned plaudits from the green lobby yesterday for its new plan to crack down on the craze for wood-burning stoves. As the Mail reported on its front page, the stoves chuck out lethal pollution, particularly from wet wood, and contribute to ...

Accidental fire at Butte home started from wood stove in garage, investigators say
A residential fire that started early Friday morning was found to have started accidentally from a wood stove. Brian Doherty, Butte-Silver Bow fire marshal, said Monday the fire began at 99 E. Third Street around 7:15 a.m. Friday. No one was hurt.

The Best Camp Stoves of 2018
We’re always nervous when a company opts to upgrade a favorite piece of gear, but the second generation of the CampStove 2, BioLite’s electricity-generating wood-burning stove, features some outstanding improvements, including an integrated battery and ...

Letters: A ban on wood-burning stoves could soon prove an expensive mistake
SIR – Is this Michael Gove’s “diesel moment”? Laudable in its intentions, has the Environment Secretary's proposal to ban wood-burning stoves been thought through? Wood-burning stoves have been aggressively marketed, with government support, as an ...

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