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An Efficient, Safe and Practical Alternative to Woodburning Stoves
So, what is it? It’s an all-in-one stove that eliminates the need for wood burning stoves. The brightly colored, pop-out handles make transporting and moving the stove both safe and easy, while the fo...

$400,000 Homes in New York, Michigan and Maine
Indoors: A paneled and beamed main room is outfitted with a wood-burning stove on one side and a stainless-steel kitchen with a four-burner electric cooktop and small refrigerator on the other. Shoji- ...

The Fireplace Gets a Modern Facelift
Wood burning fireplaces are quickly becoming a thing of the past ... Better yet, it uses 40% less energy compared to a classic stove, avoids troublesome code requirements, and be a whole lot safer!

How to braise tasty fish and pork without wood-burning stove
Braised fish or pork is such a staple in every family meal that the dishes become a Vietnamese signature. Some people would diversify the dish by adding extra tastes such as tamarind, tofu or pineappl...

Holy Jim, devastated by fire, faces specter of vanishing forever
Cabins dissolved into ash and ruins. The remnants of rural life – benches and beer cans and wood-burning stoves – lay charred among the soot and rubble. It was over quickly, in a matter of hours. But ...

Town Hall warning for wood-burning stove users
A MUST-have for any ideal home catalogue, wood-burning stoves have fast become as much of a middle-class cliché of north London life as shopping at Waitrose and holidaying in the Dordogne. But the gro...

Cal Fire, East Bay Regional Park District issue extreme fire restrictions
Open fires, campfires, wood burning and charcoal barbecues are prohibited. Gas- and propane-fueled stoves are the only exceptions to this rule. Use of gasoline-powered equipment outside of designated ...

Fire in pot belly stove got out of control, caused damage to Albury shed
Police say people inside had only left the shed for a short time to get more wood, but inadvertently left the door to the pot belly stove open. A burning piece of wood fell from the stove and igniting ...

Madison and Fremont County issue burning bans
The commissioners have made exceptions for wood burning stoves and fire places near or inside buildings, road side emergency flares, concrete fire rings, barbecue grills on personal property or the “p...

EBRPD Announces Extreme Fire Danger, Restrictions in Place
Effective immediately, the following restrictions are in effect: No open fires, campfires, wood burning or charcoal barbeques are permitted EXCEPT gas or propane-fueled stoves. Visitors to campgrounds ...

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