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Sheer window style for summer
Both of these are machine washable. Here the privacy sheer curtains are made of 100 per cent pure silk chiffon, classically French pleated, from Jonmar. This gorgeous window treatment for a villa in Monaco shows how to successfully use voile in a period pile.

How to choose the right window treatments for your home
Plantation shutters? Mini-blinds? Cafe curtains? Formal draperies? Homeowners’ options in regard to window treatments for their homes are extensive, which can make outfitting home interiors challenging for novice decorators. Some people do not pay a lot ...

New Zealand's curtains crisis
But an unfolding crisis sees much of the heat pumped into many homes disappearing through single-glazed windows for lack of thermal curtains, or any curtains at all. There's no data on the state of the nation's window coverings, but an insight into the ...

For spring, window treatments with flair and impact
Yet she often has to reassure people that drapes, curtains or other window treatments don't have to be fussy. "It can be tailored, simple panels done in great fabrics and the simplest of hardware," she says. With spring finally arriving, we've asked ...

Finals between leading four teams bring curtain down on bruising season
Just as international windows are clearly defined, so should rest periods be when the calendar changes in 2020. • This is an extract taken from our weekly rugby union email, the Breakdown. To subscribe, just visit this page and follow the instructions.

Curtain closes on Colors of the Coast
“When people go to the beach, it’s always in the middle of the day when it’s sunny.” Joseph also stated that she views each work of art as a window that provides a glimpse of the wonders of the coast. “Some people go for sunsets. I do some ...

New report examines the window shutters industry
Hunter Douglas, Griesser France, California Shutters, Royal Building Products, Lafayette Interior Fashions, Hillarys, Springs Window Fashions, Aspect Blinds , Liyang Xinyuan Curtain, ALL BLINDS CO., LTD, Nien Made, TOSO, Tachikawa Corporation, Ching Feng ...

InventHelp Inventor Develops Window Dimming/Shade System (NAV-1180)
The DIMMABLE WINDOWS provide a much greater level of control over daytime lighting levels within a room. They eliminate the need for traditional blinds, curtains, drapes, etc., yet they still provide a high degree of privacy. This new system enables the ...

Rainbow Six Siege Reveals New Details and a Release Window for Operation Para Bellum
Rainbow Six Siege has fully pulled the curtain back on its big Year 3, Season 2 update, Operation Para Bellum. Last week we brought you trailers for Para Bellum’s new map, Villa, and one of its two operators, Alibi, and now we have a trailer for the ...

Best Affordable Blackout Curtains
Since I couldn't find exactly what we both wanted (his idea was to cover our windows with tinfoil) and our budget was tight, we went with white canvas curtains from Ikea and I fastened on cheap room-darkening panels to the back of them. We made do with ...

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