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Amateurs Like Us: The Wheel Keeps Turning (Views: 5290)
I stayed snuggled up under a fleece writing, and I cooked dinner. After years of having my horse on partial care (which meant I would clean the stall and feed every evening), it still feels odd not to bundle up against the wind and fumble around in the ...

Horse & Hound’s ultimate towing checklist to keep your horse safe on the move
5. Blankets, water and a snack. 6. A human and horse first-aid kit. 7. A toolkit for performing tyre changes and general repairs, and a fire extinguisher in the case of a fire. 8. A wheel clamp in case you need to leave your trailer at the roadside.

Devon Horse Show is the place to be Memorial Day weekend
The horse show is really two events, a world-class show jumping horse event which attracts riders from across America and the Country Fair with Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, Skee ball and shops with all the latest fashions. The Devon Horse Show opened ...

Memorial Day fireworks, Sail Philadelphia, Devon Horse Show, and other events in Philadelphia, May 25-June 1
Downingtown, free, As the oldest and largest outdoor multi-breed competition in the United States, the Devon Horse Show draws competitors ... and take a ride on the Ferris wheel and/or carousel. Tickets for the 10-day event ...

From Equitation to Jumpers: The Winners Of Devon Junior Weekend Day 1 (Views: 2108)
The Ferris wheel is up, and the 122nd running of the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair is underway. Juniors take the center stage this weekend in Pennsylvania, and competition kicked off today with equitation and junior jumper classes. Alexandra ...

Ferrari SP38 is the latest one-off creation from the Prancing Horse
"In plan view, the strongly tapered nose expands towards muscular wheel arches, giving the car potency and agility," Ferrari says. The engine cover sheds its rear glass and is a flip-up assembly done in carbon fiber, with three transverse slats to siphon ...

Wheel of fortune turns for Pettigrew and Surcharge at Greyville
The wheel of fortune eventually turns and that is the case here ... Surcharge has drawn barrier six in the Daily News, but now Pettigrew faces another hurdle. The horse’s regular pilot, Piere Strydom, is sidelined with an injury so the hunt is on ...

Reily Twp Fire helps rescue horse from well in Montgomery Co
It is unclear how the horse got in the well. Seventeen-year-old Marcus Case was behind the wheel when a collision with 18-year-old John Khury split his car in half at 222nd Skyline Drive and Center Street in Omaha, NE. Seventeen-year-old Marcus Case was ...

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