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8 Intriguing Royal Wedding Ideas You Should Steal Now
I am not one of the anglophile U.S. citizens who got up before dawn on Saturday to watch Harry and Meghan transform via marriage vows from British prince and U.S. actress to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. But I also don’t live under a rock—that ...

25 Elegant Wedding Centerpiece Ideas
Buttery yellow, pale peach, rosy blush, and soft ivory blooms are offset with hints of rust-colored leaves in this centerpiece, proving that neutrals are anything but boring. A ballroom wedding calls for a certain level of opulence; with tall centerpieces ...

Royal Wedding Inspired Flowers You Can Recreate on Your Big Day
What a lovely gesture from the newlyweds! Since we just can't get enough of the royal wedding, we found some of our favorite green and white and lush floral decor elements from our favorite florists to keep us inspired, and to get you inspired for your own ...

Royal wedding photographer talks about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, diversity and fashion’s need to change
Last weekend's wedding wasn't his first encounter with Prince William ... We're supposed to be the leaders of ideas, creativity and inspire people, yet, we still operate in so many aspects in such old ways. To pick one thing, it's just mind-boggling ...

Baker Reveals Which Parts of the Royal Wedding Cake Were Inedible and “Purely for Decoration”
Baker Claire Ptak, whose Violet Cakes London bakery crafted the royal wedding cake, shared the first photo of the regal confection on May 19 — not to mention several process photos leading up to the big day. And now, she's sharing more details that give ...

Drew Scott’s Wedding Cake Contains a Subtle Tribute to His and Linda Phan’s First Home Together
Drew Scott and Linda Phan‘s wedding cake was filled with meaningful intentions ... The metallic pattern on the exterior of the cake was a nod to both their decor background and the beginning of their union at the Los Angeles home they renovated together ...

22 Exciting Wedding Cake Flavor Ideas
Whether you're going the DIY route and asking a friend or family member to bake up a cake, or working with a pastry shop, wedding cake design doesn't stop at aesthetics. From ultratraditional (triple chocolate) to tropical and trendy (coconut passion fruit ...

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrate their wedding with 2 receptions
Harry and Markle selected pastry chef Claire Ptak, owner of Violet Bakery in Hackney, East London, to create a lemon elderflower cake with buttercream icing and fresh flowers as decorations. The wedding cake is to be served at the Reception. It was ...

Guest Column: Royal enthusiast lives her dream of seeing the wedding
This is the royal wedding story you may not have read or watched this week ... ribbons, and other festive decorations. The authorities set up a long detour to The Long Walk, a three-mile stretch leading to Windsor Castle where most of the crowd had ...

Millennial Lilac Flower Crowns Will Make Your Wedding So Dreamy
Next to the perfect dress, flowers are the most important thing you need to get for your wedding. Not only do they smell gorgeous, but they will bring a pop of color to your bouquet, your reception decorations, and for some brides, the crown on their head.

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