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The Case of the Clocks
Economists attempting to understand the relationship between new technology and productivity growth could do worse than looking to the early days of the humble public clock, as Lars Boerner, from the London School of Economics, and Battista Severgnini ...

Podcast: Horchata Squad 2.0: Broken clocks
Horchata Squad is an official opinion podcast from the Daily Emerald. On this special edition episode, host Jasmine Jackson speaks with guess Imani Dorsey about centering the voices of black femmes. This episode contains language that may not be suitable ...

Clocks may go cuckoo with power grid change
WASHINGTON -- Running late for work or just miss that bus? You could have a good excuse: Your electric clock might be running a bit cuckoo. Because of a change in federal energy regulations, some scientists say your trusty, older plug-in clock may be ...

Modern. Functional. Stylish. Tydloos clocks tick all the boxes
Tydloos clocks are becoming a familiar feature in homes around the country, thanks to their modern, graphic design and timeless appeal. Owner and designer Tersia Erasmus tells us more Tydloos clocks are becoming a familiar feature in homes around the ...

Gold clocks 10-day high above $1300
Gold moved above $1,300, possibly due to risk aversion in the financial markets. The corrective rally could be short-lived if US stocks regain poise. Currently, gold (XU/USD) is trading at $1,302/Oz, having clocked a ten-day high of $1,306 in the overnight ...

Eight O'Clocks are right on time for Spring Dance 2018
The Academy of the Sacred Heart Nims Center was on April 13 the center of the city's private school 8th grade universe. Just more than 300 students took part in a tradition that has been happening since 1950, when the Eight O'Clocks was started as a way to ...

Clocks, Not Muskets, Led ‘American System’
I am delighted to read that Eli Whitney has finally been identified in the popular press as the fake he was (“The Perfectionists” by Simon Winchester, reviewed by Dava Sobel, Books, May 5). Knowledgeable historians of technology have long known that ...

Shorter sets and shot clocks -- ATP continues rule change experiment
(CNN) - The times are a changing in tennis -- and for those in charge of the sport it is a case of the quicker the better. Rule changes -- such as towel racks, shorter sets and reduced warm-ups -- and other innovations such as a 25-second shot clock will ...

The Collector: English Furniture, Clocks & Works of Art
Explore an array of decorative arts from the 17th to the 19th century – from beautifully crafted bureaus to statement vases, intricate clocks to candelabra – all to be offered in The Collector auction series at Christie’s London. The view also ...

Gallery walls make a statement with clocks, planters
Gallery walls make a statement with clocks, planters Who says gallery walls need to be collages of photos or art? Think outside the box with these unique walls Check out this story on

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