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Merrill Lynch Joins eBay Bulls Throwing in the Towel
It’s a bad time for eBay Inc. (NASDAQ: EBAY). The online auction and marketplace giant had a very rough end of last week with Friday’s tumble to $28.75 after an 8.9% drop for the day.

LeBron James' old Cavaliers locker has been converted into a towel closet
The Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to move on from LeBron James. That’s not an easy thing to do. Considering the impact James had on the organization, it’s tough for the club to just ...

Shark Tank Deal: Ta-Ta Towel Accepts $200,000 From Lori Greiner
Erin Robertson came to The Shark Tank seeking $200,000 for 10% equity in her company, Ta-ta Towel. Erin invented this product after she was getting ready for a date and realize that she was sweating b...

Roger Federer doesn't back towel-rack rule: You are wasting seconds
At the 2018 Next Gen ATP Finals, one of the additions will be the towel rack at the back of the court that will be used by players so that ball boys do not need to bring it to them every time. Roger F...

I've Finally Thrown In The Towel On IBM
After holding shares for more than 5 years, I'm finally out of IBM. IBM's shareholder returns appear to be slowing, which was what was keeping me in the stock in the first place. I sold at a ...

Model Emily Ratajkowski poses in nothing but a towel after protesting against Kavanaugh nomination at Supreme Court
EMILY Ratajkowski throws in the towel at attempting to keep her clothes on. The model, 27, posed in only a tiny pair of polka-dot bottoms to promote a campaign for Inamorata Swim bikinis after seeming...

Developers throw in the towel on free-to-play shooter Dirty Bomb
Dirty Bomb, which dates back to 2013 under another name but only saw its full 1.0 launch in August of this year, is no more. Developer Splash Damage told players this week that it was ending developme...

Global Towel Bars market detailed in new research report
This report researches the worldwide Towel Bars market size (value, capacity, production and consumption) in key regions like United States, Europe, China, Japan and other regions Global Towel Bars ma...

The Cavaliers turned LeBron James' old locker into a towel closet
The Cleveland Cavaliers’ locker room underwent a full redesign and renovation this offseason, but a new locker did not replace LeBron James’ old spot. A towel closet did. As part of the ...

Will This Magical Towel Actually Make Your Hair Less Frizzy?
It sounds to be true: On Amazon there lives Aquis, a magical hair towel with thousands of great, five-star reviews. It makes your hair less frizzy and more smooth, reviewers say. It dries up to 50 per...

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