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Thinking Out-of-the-box Lets you Fit your Entire Gym Inside a Box
Now if that isn’t out-of-the-box thinking…! FITT Cube is a patent-pending, transformational fitness tool uniquely designed for multifunctional, total-body workouts. It’s one piece of equipment that maximises all aspects of your fitness and stands up ...

How to Download Your Data With All the Fancy New GDPR Tools
These tools ought to be better, and hopefully they’ll improve over ... ability to transfer your data directly to another cloud storage service like Dropbox or Box. Most services force you to download a sizable data package and then re-upload it to ...

Box Launches Multizone Cloud Storage for Box Zones Service
Box, a cloud-based storage and enterprise collaboration tool provider, made things a bit easier for its customers May 24—the day before GDPR went live—when it launched multi-zone support for its flagship Box Zones service. This option provides users ...

Borrow tools, not books at University Heights library
There are three membership levels offered: tool belt, tool box and wheelbarrow. Tool belt allows five tools to be checked out at one time and costs $20 per year. Tool box allows you to have up to 25 tools at a time and costs $50 per year. Wheel barrow ...

Thunderbolt Networking Now Supported in Linux's NetworkManager Tool
"So now if you connect your GNU/Linux box to another machine, NetworkManager will configure ... which is the most used network connection manager tool amongst GNU/Linux distributions, can now use the Link-Local configuration through another new udev ...

Slice Cutting Tools: Safer Safety Knives
Ergonomic tools reduce muscle strain and thus lower the chances of fatigue and repetitive stress injuries. Take, for instance, the Slice box cutter, which features our J-hook design. The wrap-around shape fits naturally in the hand and provides an easy ...

SK Tool X-Frame ratcheting combination wrench review: Pawl patrol
so we wouldn’t throw out our normal box ends and replace them with these jobbers, but they seem no weaker than a comparable single pawl ratchet. The X-Frame wrenches also sport a modified open end, with serrations similar to Wright’s Wrightgrip tools ...

Get Your First Allure Beauty Box For Just $10
Subscription boxes are all the rage now, with boxes available for everything from apparel to fitness tools to books. And it’s no surprise that the popularity of such boxes runs strong when it comes to beauty products as well. Target and Walmart both have ...

At Sotheby’s, ASAP Rocky Breaks Out of the Box
A few hours later, he was inside a large glass box set up in the middle of that room, with tools of torment spread around him: exercise equipment, holes in the wall through which he could be touched, a large pool of ice water. The box, he said, was “a ...

After The ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Backlash, EA Won’t Put Pay To Win Loot Boxes In ‘Battlefield V’
Some countries have made loot boxes illegal, while EA completely changed the progression ... You can extend your arsenal but there’s only different tools for different situations, and for your playstyle rather than better weapons [per se].

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