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12 Summery Prints to Try Instead of Banana Leaf
Get your inspo below, and your print game will be set for summer! 1. Zara Home Laminated Tablecloth with Turtle Print ($70): Orange is the ideal seasonal backdrop with all the blues and greens, and, well, we’re obsessed with turtles. 2. H&M Slub ...

EVERYDAY CHEAPSKATE: A stain treatment worth its salt and more
A good time was had by all. The guests are long gone, and now you are stuck with an ugly red wine stain on your prized tablecloth. Is this linen destined for the ragbag? Not if you know this super simple solution. RED WINE STAINS: If you get red wine on a ...

Combo Breaker 2018 - Midwest talent poised to run the table
For most of the United States, Memorial Day evokes the scent of grilling meat, the sight of a checkered tablecloth, and the sound of family and friends mingling -- and most of all, a day of remembrance. For the fighting game community, the holiday heralds ...

Albion honors high-achieving students
HOLLEY — Seated at small circular tables draped with a white tablecloth, 23 students from Albion High School and their families celebrated this year’s high-achieving academic students. Hickory Ridge hosted Albion’s 10th annual Academic Honors ...

Here’s Why Salt Shakers Are Mysteriously Vanishing from Restaurants
I'm 29 years old, and I can still remember a time when salt and pepper shakers were a regular staple on the tablecloth of every restaurant. If you were superstitious and accidentally spilled some, it was vital to throw a pinch over your left shoulder to ...

Where to Eat Seafood in San Diego
From white tablecloth tasting menus to fried fish tacos, there’s something for every kind of seafood lover in town. Here are 13 of the best seafood restaurants America’s Finest City has to offer.

Work hard, do things right
I mused that I was wearing the world’s most expensive plastic tablecloth. I remember lining up in the home ec room and waiting to walk to the gymnasium for the start of the ceremony. For any confused young people, home ec is 1990s talk for FACS.

'Don't study my tablecloth jacket'
“Don't study my tablecloth jacket. This government should be focused on putting food on people's table, and bringing down the cost of living,” says Princes Town MP Barry Padarath. While some people were wondering about the economic measures in the ...

Watch This Man Add a Naked Twist to the Old-Fashioned Tablecloth Trick
If you’re familiar with Newton's First Law of Physics, you know there’s really nothing magical about the age-old tablecloth trick—the one where someone swiftly pulls the fabric off a set table, leaving all the plates, glasses, and silverware ...

Family's Thanksgiving tablecloth has 16 years of signatures
One Missouri woman came up with a unique way to cherish her family’s Thanksgiving memories each year — and she couldn’t be more grateful that she did. In 2000, Deb Mills of Clinton began the holiday tradition of having each person who joins her ...

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