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Stickers are everywhere, especially for Saul
Stickers are everywhere. Get in your car, there’s a sticker telling you what your tire pressure should be. Open your microwave, there is a sticker telling you the wattage. Go in your kid’s bedroom, and, well, you get the point. Most of us probably don ...

Surprise, Colorado: The guy who sold all those “NATIVE” stickers is a transplant
The idea that should have changed Eric Glade’s life arrived on the rear end of an automobile. He was driving through Denver. It was March of 1979. “Maybe on Speer Boulevard. That sounds good,” he told Denverite this week. Actually, it was Interstate ...

Framingham dealerships tweaked on Lemon Law stickers
FRAMINGHAM — City officials summoned — then quickly dismissed — a representative of the Herb Connolly Auto Group from a meeting Monday to discuss the company’s compliance with a state consumer protection law. A state audit found that two Herb ...

Illinois ending state stickers for rafts, canoes, tubes
If it doesn’t have a motor, people soon won’t need a state sticker to float it on an Illinois lake, river, or pond. Illinois is doing away with its Water Usage Stamp. Those are the stickers that anyone in Illinois who has a boat or other watercraft ...

Instagram now lets you share posts as stickers in Stories
It’s a new way to link to posts—yours, or those of others—within Stories. Instagram just added a new kind of sticker for Stories, and it could put an end to your screen-capping habit. (Well, sometimes at least.) Instagram’s post stickers will now ...

One Grocery Chain Is Removing 'Best Before' Stickers in a Dramatic Effort to Reduce Food Waste
One of the largest grocery chains in the U.K. is changing its packaging to tackle food waste. Tesco (tscdy) has announced that it will remove “best before” dates from 70 pre-packaged produce products because people have been throwing away food before ...

West Haven to save $15,000 by extending existing beach parking stickers for another year
WEST HAVEN — The city will save $15,000 in printing costs and save taxpayers the trouble of swapping out old windshield stickers for new ones by extending 2016-18 beach parking permits through June 30, 2019, Mayor Nancy Rossi announced Tuesday.

Instagram finally (sort of) gets that share button in the form of stickers
Instagram users can finally share posts without a third-party app — but the new tool is probably not what you’ve been dreaming of.Instagram has announced an update that turns feed posts into stickers to share inside Stories. The feature allows photos ...

This Company Thinks It Can Help You Get Over Your Smartphone Addiction With Stickers
Are you someone that feels like your smartphone is an extension of yourself? You definitely aren’t alone. In a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 46 percent of respondents said that their phones were something that they couldn’t live without.

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