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Flowers Unfold In Researchers` Labs
A tiny phalaenopsis orchid with cream and pink flowers. And for all you gesneriad lovers, a sinningia and aeschynanthus, both with blazing orange-red flowers. New, all of them. But don`t go shopping y...

Garden Notes: News of area clubs and events
Program: “Care and Growing Sinningia Tubers and Plants.” Federated Holland Garden Club will meet at 11 a.m. Wednesday in the Brink Memorial Community Center, Legion Drive, Holland. Following a busines...

African violets conference brightens Auburn
Many guests took a break from perusing the living art gallery to enjoy a tour of the free conference's wide selection of sinningia, a variety of plants closely related to African violets. Arleen Dewel...

VILLAGE VIEW: Wonders of Water on display at Philadelphia Flower Show
The plant was called something like Sinningia Leuc-something — I could not read my own handwriting when I finally got electricity back in my house after having been without light, heat, TV, land line, ...

When to Plant Bulbs in a Greenhouse
Windflowers (Anemone spp.), cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum) and gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa) are best planted in September. In October, plant Dutch iris (Iris x hollandica). November bulbs to plant in t...

How to Propagate Gloxinia
Tropical gloxinias (Sinningia speciosa) usually bloom in spring or summer, bearing unmistakable velvety bells in a range of colors above fuzzy, oblong foliage. Hardy only in USDA plant hardiness zones ...

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