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Flowers Unfold In Researchers` Labs
A tiny phalaenopsis orchid with cream and pink flowers. And for all you gesneriad lovers, a sinningia and aeschynanthus, both with blazing orange-red flowers. New, all of them. But don`t go shopping yet. They`re just a few of the plants scheduled to move ...

Root awakening
How can I improve the foliage of the older plants Andrew Nah For the Florist's Gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa), the appearance of the plant may be due to several reasons.

Weekly Shower Will Keep Leaves Of English Ivy Clean And Bug-free
Q--The smaller-leaved and variegated varieties of English ivy are among my favorite house plants ... One of the best-known is Sinningia pusilla, tiny enough to be at home in a 1-inch thumb pot. Some recent hybrids retain this small habit but have slightly ...

VILLAGE VIEW: Wonders of Water on display at Philadelphia Flower Show
The plant was called something like Sinningia Leuc-something — I could not read my own handwriting when I finally got electricity back in my house after having been without light, heat, TV, land line, etc. from Friday afternoon to Sunday night.

Garden Notes: News of area clubs and events
Program: “Care and Growing Sinningia Tubers and Plants.” Federated Holland Garden Club will meet at 11 a.m. Wednesday in the Brink Memorial Community Center, Legion Drive, Holland. Following a business meeting and luncheon, club member Christine ...

Food as medicine
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Health Forever Products Limited, Otunba Olajuwon Okubena writes on the role of food as ‘medicine ... flavonoids are the major pigments in the flowers of Sinningia cardinalis, and they are found in silk tissues ...

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