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The 5 Best-Rated Shower Heads
There’s a reason people suggest a “hot shower” as the cure for just about anything, from terrible migraines to work stress: it can drastically improve your mood. And the key to having the best shower is to secure one of the best-rated shower heads ...

Upgrade your shower by hanging up some eucalyptus
So naturally we’re already off to track down some bunches of eucalyptus – because according to Pinterest researchers, the next big thing is tying eucalyptus to your shower head. Saves for the idea have increased by 317% this year, and it’s not just ...

Pasco Co. nurse accused of using shower head to molest elderly disabled woman
LAND O'LAKES, Fla. -- There are disturbing allegations against a Tampa Bay nurse. She’s accused of molesting an elderly patient in her care. Christina A Nappo of Hudson, is accused of committing lewd or lascivious acts on the disabled woman, who police ...

Shower thoughts: An apology; and the best politician in Seattle
It’s Wednesday, and even though the construction guys tried to turn off my water, I intercepted them in protest and got through some Shower Thoughts ... she made the radical idea of the head tax seem like it was a compromise. The head tax is an anti ...

InventHelp Inventor Develops Ergonomic Shower Aid (OCM-1214)
The accessory is ergonomic and easy to use. Variations include different sizes, colors, designs and arm rest, as well as a hand-held shower head/long-handled cleansing sponge, and soap dispensers. The original design was submitted to the Orange County ...

A Super Easy, Spa-Inspired Shower Hack That Is Trending Big on Pinterest
Just hang eucalyptus branches around your shower head (make sure they aren't in the direct stream of water) and let the steam release the essential oils, which deliver anti-stress, mood-enhancing and energizing benefits. "As an aromatherapy agent ...

Waking Up To The Water Saving Potential Of The Shower
Unfortunately, this may mean guests are often stuck with low pressure, water-saving shower heads, which can compromise the overall shower experience. At Orbital Systems, our mission is to completely transform the shower experience by introducing the next ...

Hanging Eucalyptus in the Shower Is Trending on Pinterest
View the Pinterest photo. The pin above links to a Gardenista post, which recommends bundling "a few boughs of fragrant eucalyptus into a bath bouquet — also known as a tussie-mussie — to hang from the shower head arm." Just be sure the eucalyptus ...

Toledo man suffers severe head injury in Fremont motorcycle crash
Police say Trevino suffered a severe head injury and was taken to St. Vincent Hospital ... near 90 with partly sunny skies and only an isolated chance for a thunderstorm/shower. Memorial Day looks to be the hottest day of the holiday weekend, with highs ...

Local family grateful for help from FOX8 Community Baby Shower
Austin Head Start Center in Winston-Salem as their daughter Caridad ... “I started looking for things that I had from the last FOX8 Community Baby Shower, and I made a basket for her,” said Rebella, after learning Senami was pregnant.

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