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An Inspector Calls... The Pig in Devon is an idyllic countryside retreat - but has the brand of shabby-chic hotels become a commercial cash cow?
A kite (the bird variety) circles high above the chimney tops, as a cock pheasant walks daintily across the gravel drive. The evening sun floods the honeyed front of the Grade I-listed Elizabethan manor house; a few guests are inspecting the walled kitchen ...

Chic And Charming Outdoor Eating Space Ideas
Add a chandelier or a candle element to the area to bring in a more romantic touch. For that signature shabby chic touch add different chairs. Doing so allows you to work creatively with chairs that you want to incorporate but were too scared to do so.

Golden Gate Bridge looking ‘shabby’ on eve of 81st anniversary
“How about some sort of a sign that says, ‘I know we look shabby chic…’ so people understand. We tout the fact that we are an icon. And I get it, we need to take care of the structure. But it also needs to present as an icon,” she said. It’s ...

Rachel Ashwell is a self-made business woman who founded the iconic brand Shabby Chic™ in 1989 when, as a single mother of two young children, she opened a small shop on trendy Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. She began the store with a mantra of Beauty ...

Meghan Markle Continues Her Reign of Making Effortlessly Chic Buns Royally Appropriate
It's official: Meghan Markle's messy royal bun is here to stay, and we're totally here for it. We first noticed the shabby-chic bun during Meghan and Prince Harry's visit to Reprezent Radio in Brixton, and she opted for the style again during the couple's ...

Shabby, Chic and Simply Sensational
If pedestal sinks and peeling armoires make you weak in the knees and overstuffed, floral-printed couches give you heart palpitations, you know the sweet-smelling power of shabby chic. For those of you who aren’t as familiar (or who have never thought it ...

Michigan Antique Festival to honor veterans June 2-3
The weekend event features nearly a thousand antique dealers as well as specialty areas that highlight Made in Michigan products, shabby chic furniture, trendy industrial items and high-end vintage goods. "The festival fills the entire Midland County ...

Hitchcock Heroine Tippi Hedren on Her Jewelry Collection and Her Latest Role With Gucci
They portray Hedren as the titular psychic in a shabby-chic storefront in L.A., where she is visited by a quartet of stylish models seeking palm readings. “I love the fact that it told a story and I was able to play a character,” she says.

The fairy-tale treehouse that's a little bit hip: Luxury boutique lodge has a shabby chic interior and all the mod cons
This stunning new treehouse in the Devonshire woods is a fairy-tale on the outside and decadent on the inside - and it could be your summer retreat in the treetops from just £190 per night. Black Wolf Treehouse near Okehampton is described as a ...

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