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Testing the Scentsy Warmer
WATERLOO (KWWL)-- We're investigating the safety of a popular scented product following a fatal fire in Waterloo. Sandi Rasmussen died in her home on February 25th, after getting her son to safety. Fi...

Road to success started off bumpy for founders of Scentsy
right across from two women selling warmer units that melted fragranced wax. Orville felt like the women had hit on something special. In fact, when he brought some Scentsy home to try out, he asked H...

Scentsy Partners with Shriners Hospitals for Children to Deliver Expert Specialty Pediatric Care
All care is provided regardless of the families' ability to pay. "Scentsy was founded on core values of simplicity, authenticity and generosity," said Orville Thompson, Scentsy co-owner and chief exec...

The Scentsy warmers are a "fresh'' idea for today's wedding scene
Freshly scented rooms just went bridal thanks to Scentsy, an online company that offers ceramic warmers that burn wickless, scented wax. The company's warmers, which come in three different sizes, con...

Scentsy’s Newest Warmers Feature Soft-Glowing Glass and a “No Light” Option
MERIDIAN, Idaho--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Scentsy Fragrance, an international party-plan company and leader in home fragrance, released its Fall/Winter 2013 catalog featuring its most versatile collection of ...

Scentsy: The Sensible Way to Work from Home Sweet Home
... is one of over 2,270 Scentsy Consultants in Canada distributing Scentsy product, a wildly popular collection of safe scented, wickless candles heated in decorative ceramic warmers complemented wit...

Turgeon joins Scentsy Candles
AUBURN — Liz Turgeon of Auburn has become an independent consultant with Scentsy Wickless Candles. As an independent business ... her website at Scentsy warmers use a lo...

Come join Scentsy!
Full Set of Party Testers (80), 1 Full-Size Scentsy Warmer, 1 Scentsy Bar, 1 Scentsy Buddy, 1 Scent Pak, 3 Light Bulbs, 2 Layers by Scentsy Products, 5 Clear Party Bags, Welcome Letter

Scentsy Unveils Home Fragrance Products for the Whole Family
The company’s Fall/Winter 2010 catalog introduces the Scentsy Buddy™, two on-the-go fragrance products – Fragrance Foam™ and the Scent Pak™, 33 new decorative ceramic warmers and 14 new fragrances of ...

Scentsy and the Sweet Smell of Success
He found his next great hope, Scentsy, at a home and garden show in March 2004 in Salt Lake City. The ceramic warmers scent rooms like a candle but without the risks of an open flame; instead they hea...

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