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Family honors slain officer who solved theft of quilt
MIDDLE RIVER, Md. — A Maryland family who lost a colorful, handmade quilt to holiday package thiefs was thrilled when a Baltimore County police officer caught the thiefs and the quilt was returned to them. This week, they brought the quilt with them to ...

Middle River family cherishes quilt that weaves their lives to fallen Baltimore County Off. Amy Caprio
The Santopietro family says it has Off. Amy Caprio, who died this week in Baltimore County, to thank for the return of a family heirloom quilt that was stolen over the holiday season. Police say Caprio's work solved that case and many others. The ...

Patchwork quilt bonds mother and son
Candy Winecoff knows what it’s like to sit on the sidelines. In fact, she has a lot of experience in two sports. Watching her son, Drew Maher, play baseball through most of his school years and then football in high school and college laid a foundation ...

Local quilt group makes area charities 'sew' happy with donated quilts
HUNTINGTON - Stitch-by-stitch for the past nine months, members of the Piecemakers Quilt Group has been sewing together quilts with love to show off at its yearly presentation before donating items to local organizations making a difference in the community.

Quilt presentation set at Oakland
A cowgirl poet is coming to Oakland with enough history to fill a trunk. But Yvonne Hollenbeck won’t be bringing piles of historical books and papers. Instead, she’ll bring 40 family quilts with which she’ll provide a portrait of the past — and a ...

Quilt tour helps area's agri-tourism
UPPER THUMB — Hundreds of visitors flock to the Thumb annually to tour the Thumb Area Quilt Trail. With plans of the 100th quilt square to be placed this summer, tourists will find no shortage of sights to see both on the sides of barns and in between.

PHS quilt exhibit continues Saturday
PRESTON — Preston Historical Society’s third quilt exhibit, A Stitch In Time, featuring red, white and blue quilts, continues Saturday, May 19. The events will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at its museum at 167 Main Street in Preston. Quilt historians Kay ...

Heritage: Granny Faulkner’s quilt holds history
A rare opportunity came my way a few weeks ago, to examine a selection of quilts that belong to the Santiam Historical Society in Stayton, Oregon. As we carefully unfolded them, examined and photographed, my thoughts drifted to the quiltmakers and their ...

Family honors slain Maryland officer Amy Caprio, who solved theft of quilt
Family honors slain Maryland officer Amy Caprio, who solved theft of quilt A Maryland family who lost a colorful, handmade quilt to holiday package thieves was thrilled when a Baltimore County police officer solved the case. Check out this story on ...

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