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Fossil skull from Utah sheds light on primitive mammal group
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A fossilized skull of a small critter found in Utah underneath a dinosaur foot bone is providing insight into one of the most primitive mammalian groups and has scientists rethinking the timing of the break-up of Earth’s bygone ...

Tracking a primitive mammal
A fossilised skull of a small critter found in Utah underneath a dinosaur foot bone is providing insight into one of the most primitive mammalian groups and has scientists rethinking the timing of the break-up of Earth’s bygone supercontinent Pangaea.

Search for Fossils at Ancient Lake Sites on Mars --"Best Bet for Primitive Lifeforms"
"There are many interesting rock and mineral outcrops on Mars where we would like to search for fossils, but since we can't send rovers to all of them we have tried to prioritise the most promising deposits based on the best available information," said ...

6 free, primitive camping destinations around Colorado Springs to seek as options fade
When people call the front desk of the Pikes Peak Ranger District to ask about camping, Kyle Burton points them to designated campgrounds. He keeps the conversation away from dispersed camping, though he understands the value. Many campgrounds across ...

Alexandre Pantoja Relied on ‘Primitive Instincts’ in UFC Fight Chile Win vs. Brandon Moreno
For the second time in his fighting career, Alexandre Pantoja was victorious against Brandon Moreno – only this time, it was official. The former Resurrection Fighting Alliance champion earned a unanimous verdict over Moreno in a preliminary flyweight ...

This start-up made connected toothbrushes -- now it aims to overthrow the 'primitive' dental insurance industry
Beam Dental pivoted its product from connected toothbrushes to selling insurance. It raised another $22 million off the back of that shift. The round was led by Kleiner Perkins, a firm that is increasingly investing in health-tech. Alex Frommeyer comes ...

Council of State: ‘Raw violence befits primitive societies’
The justices of the Council of State, Greece’s Court of Cassation, have issued a statement decrying the use of violence and its impact on institutions, after the 21 May attack on the ground floor of the court building by members of the anarchist ...

Culling of Hippos is a Primitive Conservation Strategy- Sinkamba
Green Party President Peter Sinkamba says there are more civilized ways for sustainable management wildlife than culling. Mr. Sinkamba said culling of wildlife is not an option but a primitive conservation strategy. Reacting to the disclosure that the ...

This Beautiful Fish Pond Is Made Using Only Primitive Tools
Amongst all the latest AI and other technological advancements, there is something truly awesome about watching something get built with pure physical labor. This four-part video from Primitive Life shows us how to make a really cool personal fish pond ...

This start-up is using connected toothbrushes to overthrow the 'primitive' dental insurance industry
"When I think about places that haven't been touched by technology," adds Noah Knauf, a general partner with the firm, "I think of dental insurance, which is primitive." The dental insurance market is currently dominated by Delta Dental, United Healthcare ...

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