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SJRFD says home heating dangers are prevalent if not done correctly
Sam McNeish Mother nature has turned down the thermostats. So that means in this climate we have to turn ours up, light that wood or pellet stove, or use or propane fireplaces to ensure warmth and com...

Columbia reserves 'rights' to take back temporary heating solutions
We didn't trust that we'd have heat back in time," Pietrowski said. After speaking with an adjuster, Pietrowski and her husband spent more than $4,500 on a pellet stove, including the additional pipin...

Foothills hosts talk on cleaner heat, cooling
Those technologies include air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps (geothermal), pellet stoves and modern wood boilers with thermal storage. Jay Egg, founder of Egg Geothermal and an internati...

Coal stove deemed cause of fatal carbon monoxide poisoning in Wales
As the heating season approaches, fire officials advised residents to have professional cleanings and inspections prior to using wood, pellet or coal stoves. Exposure to carbon monoxide can produce fl...

Is This You? Heat Seeker
Well let’s just take a look at some of the claims heard during winters past… Right off I am going to attack pellet stoves. I know, I know they are good for the atmosphere, use a renewable ...

Discover the pros of pellet stoves
The pellet stove is a space heater that is efficient and easy to use. - Contributed Are you thinking about purchasing a space heater but aren’t sure which kind you should get? Keep reading to discover ...

Columbia Gas reverses policy, will not reclaim temporary heat sources from homes
The temporary solutions – including pellet stoves, space heaters and electric boilers – will now be left with the customers after their gas service has been restored, unless they want Columbia Gas to ...

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