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Hundreds of dollars worth of patio furniture stolen from Calgary family’s front deck
Like most people this time of year, Lisa Compson loves spending time on her patio, but this week, there’s nowhere to sit. Last Wednesday night in the community of Douglasdale, her patio furniture was stolen while she and her family slept upstairs.

How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Patio Space
Use these ideas to make your small patio the perfect vacation oasis. Colorful furniture pieces are perfect for the outdoor space because they add to the colors that already exist in nature. Doing so will enhance the space pair with neutral hues to work ...

Solved! What’s the Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture?
Q: I love the warm look of wood for outdoor furniture, but I’m not sure which of the many species will look and perform best out on my patio. How can I pick the right one? A: Whether you plan to build your own Adirondack chairs or purchase a pre-built ...

7 steps to finding stylish outdoor furniture
Great outdoor furniture gives comfort, style and function to your outdoor space. When complemented with the right patio furniture, your outdoor space can become your outdoor oasis! Whether you are looking for the promise of relaxation, entertaining or ...

Rust Belt Market to debut outdoor patio bar during Ferndale Pride
The area used to hold the Old Navy tower that was torn down long ago. Best filled the 1,000-square-foot-patio with custom furniture and a bar he built out of barn timbers from an old barn in Almont, Michigan. Above the space, he connected repurposed gas ...

Rooms To Go to launch outdoor furniture stores
SEFFNER, Fla. — Rooms To Go will begin the rollout of about 50 outdoor furniture stores early next year and will rebrand its recently acquired Carls Patio chain as it moves full-on into the outdoor category. The stores will include a mix of standalone ...

An outdoor oasis — for less: Making used patio furniture look like new
The outdoor furniture industry is close to $800 million strong, cites a November IBISWorld report. While traditional home-furnishing stores often designate floor space to outdoor vignettes, individual pieces and whole deck or patio sets can get pricey.

An Absurd Amount of Cheap Patio Furniture Is Even Cheaper Today
Deals, discounts and drops on products you actually care about and want. Curated by the Gear Patrol Editors. Start Saving There may be no pocket knife more classic than the Swiss Army Knife. For many of us, it's the first we ever owned and the first image ...

15 Pieces of Pallet Patio Furniture To Spark Your Outside Spring Decorating
Once spring settles in you’ll be itching to utilize the back porch or patio. So, before it really starts to warm up, why not add some fresh new bits to your space. Before weekends of entertaining and BBQs start to happen, do some sprucing. Check out ...

Learn your yard and patio party preferences before you shop this season
Before you buy any trendy new patio furniture or summer-soiree must-haves, take this quiz to see which style suits you best when creating the optimal outdoor space! Then, create the summer oasis of your dreams. A. Create custom invites to be sent through ...

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