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As Google Feeds Cats, Owl Lovers Cry Foul
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Silicon Valley is booming, and longtime residents are being driven out everywhere. But only in Shoreline Park are the newcomers eating the natives. A handful of burrowing owls live in this 750-acre wildlife and recreation area ...

CounterPulse artists forge agency with ‘Barn Owl’
Vicki Anderson (left), Perry Tom, Helen Dannenberg and Hugh O’Regan get ready for the rehearsal of “Barn Owl” at Eureka Valley Recreation Center. Photo: Liz Hafalia / The Chronicle

Baby owls in danger due to flooded burrows
Owl burrows have flooded, and it has put some baby owls in danger. With rainy season hitting earlier than usual, burrows have filled up with rainwater. While this happens every year, the problem this year is since it's happening sooner, some baby owls ...

How to design the ideal morning routine if you're a night owl
About a third of people are night owls. They have difficulty waking up early, can easily stay up at night, and find that they're able to do their best work in the evening. Understandably, they're not able to mesh with the new societal expectation of waking ...

Owl pellets, or regurgitation, are materials from the bird’s prey
You may have been following recent news about the City Nature Challenge in which Rio Grande Valley folks uploaded nature photographs to’s website database in order to document the diversity of the Valley’s habitat. Photographs that were ...

Rehabiliator says owl illness, deaths likely caused by poisoned rodents
Jane Kelly holds a snowy owl that's believed to have been sickened by eating a poisoned rodent. (Jason Schreiber/ UNION LEADER CORRESPONDENT) This is one of four snow owls that have recently been sickened. (Jason Schreiber) EPPING — A local wildlife ...

What a hoot! Baby owl befriends rescuing Va. cop
A Virginia police officer's discovery of a displaced baby owl has led to an unlikely relationship. PURCELLVILLE, Va. — Police Cpl. Paul Kakol is used to responding to emergencies in his small town in western Loudoun County, but when his wife and son ran ...

Boulder police free owl stuck in soccer goal netting
This owl must have been chasing a mouse early this morning at the Pleasant View Soccer Fields. Instead of getting a mouse this owl literally scored a goal and got stuck. A shout out to our own Animal Protection Officers for rescuing this magnificent animal!

Roundabout at Owl Creek must consider lots of moving parts
A more concrete design for a traffic roundabout at the intersection of Owl Creek and Brush Creek roads in Snowmass Village is expected by December, after the town council last week voiced no major objections to an initial study undertaken by SGM ...

Owl hopes to give disabled teen freedom
When the golfers (and duffers) at this year's Owl Diner Charities 27th annual Golf Classic take that first whack off the tee this Monday, May 21, at Trull Brook Country Club in Tewksbury, they'll also be teeing off against a disease that has robbed a local ...

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