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The last Ottoman generation
‘The Last Ottoman Generation and the Making of the Modern Middle East’ by Michael Provence (Cambridge University Press, 314 pages, $30) The centenary of the First World War has prompted renewed focus on the conflict’s historical importance.

The ARF Response to the Demise of the First Republic
Turkish ultranationalists not only challenged the legitimate government seated in Constantinople but also the allied proposal (Treaty of Sevres) for the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire. In the Caucasus, the young Armenian government had to contend with ...

Prince William May Follow Tradition, Get A Tattoo During Israel Visit
In 1862, Prince Albert Edward, Queen Victoria's eldest son, visited Jerusalem as part of his five-month tour of Egypt and the Ottoman Empire. In 1882, his sons Prince Albert Victor and King George V visited the Holy Land, People reported. They reportedly ...

Maryland Veterans Museum adds artifacts to World War I exhibit
The end of the war came in stages, with Bulgaria signing an armistice on Sept. 29, followed by the Ottoman Empire on Oct. 30, Austria-Hungary on Nov. 3 and finally Germany on Nov. 11, which officially ended the war. “What a lot of people don’t realize ...

'Are you ready to give them an Ottoman slap?' Turkey's Erdogan calls on Europe's Muslims to support him as he declares he will protect them in their fight against discrimination
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has called on Muslims across Europe to support him as he delivered a fiery address to around 15,000 people in Bosnia on Sunday. He announced he will expand Turkey's state news agency's coverage in Europe to hit back at ...

Spurned by EU investors, Balkans looks to eager Turkey
And his choice of where to court companies reflects Turkey’s willingness to invest money and project “soft” power in Balkan countries which were once ruled by the Ottoman empire. A Turkish company has already created 300 jobs at a textile plant in ...

Coming home after 130 years
Ahmed's wife, Yasmine, is also from a Cretan family. BBC Ahmed surrounded by members of his family 1 Ahmed's father's parents were forced to leave Crete in the 1890s as the Ottoman Empire weakened. The island had been part of the empire for two centuries ...

Matching Sofa, oversized Chair and Ottoman in light brown wi...
Matching Sofa, oversized Chair and Ottoman in light brown with dark brown leather arms and trim. Perfect for your family room. Sofa 92", chair 44", both 36" tall. Exc cond. Call for photo to be emailed. Set $495. CDA 208-765-5494.

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