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Altman Lighting Provides An LED Retrofit Solution for St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church
With an outdated lighting system which needed replacement ... in four different color temperatures with a 10-70 degree spot-to-flood beam spread. “In the end, we installed 24 Pegasus LED fixtures that are focused on the stations of the cross, and ...

GlacialTech Announces New Igloo SS200-V2 LED Flood Light SKD Kit
New Taipei City, Taiwan, May 17, 2018 --( GlacialTech, the diversified LED technology provider, announces a new 200W heatsink for outdoor flood light and available for single CoB or Multi-chip LEDs. The gloo SS200-V2 features an efficient heatsink ...

Latest Generation Smart LED Drivers Developed In-house by Devtech M2M Gets BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Registration
It is suitable for LED street lights, High Bay lights and Flood light applications. Commenting on the development, Mr Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav, Chairman of Devtech M2M said: "This is major product development milestone for DevtechM2M which was founded on ...

Latest NSP-2424 X-Series Dual-Light Flashlights Offer Focused and Crisp LED Flashlight Beam
With the focused and crisp LED flashlight beam (now boasting 300 lumens), you’ll get superb distance illumination. The downward unfocused floodlight (now 200 lumens) is ideal for both proximity lighting on close-up tasks while also safeguarding against ...

Industrial Two-Lamp LED Fixture
... raised to a height that produces the right amount of light spread for any small application. The LED lamps at the top of the adjustable pole mount feature spot beams for focused spotlight and flood beams for more diffused wide-angle applications.

Home Lighting Trends: Smarter, Stylish, and Sun-Kissed
Fixtures are being increasingly more compact without any sacrifice in light output; LED bulbs are becoming more adept at producing ... At LightFair Eaton announced new members to the line, including an outdoor floodlight, a wireless dimmer switch, and ...

New Product: PR Lighting Arc LED 1360 Hybrid Strobe
The Arc LED 1360 Strobe from PR Lighting can function as a graphic strobe, blinder, or flood. Available in cool white (6,500K) and warm white (3,000K), it features a 120° field angle, an LED display, flick-free operation, and IP67 rating. Based around 360 ...

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