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Larson Electronics Releases 60W Remote Control Color Changing LED Wall Pack Light with Magnetic Mount
This color changing RGB LED flood light can produce red, green and blue light varying in intensity, offering a full spectrum of color choices, which can be controlled by a handheld remote. The lights ...

LED Light Expert Gains Client Trust for Offering Unbeatable Purchase Advantages
From sports court lighting and flood lights to LED wall packs and 400-watt metal halide to LED conversion kits and services, the benefits are obvious in all products listed in the catalogue.

2000 Lumen - Carina Series 20 watt solar flood light - Commercial Grade Solar LED Floodlight - Non-Motion - With Remote
ACTUAL BRIGHT LIGHT – Over 2,000 Lumen Super bright Solar Flood Light. 20 Watts of LED floodlight power. Ability to brighten up a driveway, backyard. REMOTE CONTROLLED - The Carina Series is controlle...

Auditor’s Office questioned $6.7 million check to flood consultant
The consultant that was at the center of contract controversy over West Virginia’s response to long-term flood relief just ... with Horne that would have led a $900,000 initial scope of work ...

Flood damage helps lead to tax hike in Bethel Park
A June 21 storm that caused at least $900,000 in flood damage in Bethel Park led in part to council adopting a budget ... In other business, Mayor Jack Allen announced Bethel Park’s light-up night wil...

Philips Dimmable 4.5W Warm Glow 2700K to 2200K 35° MR16 LED Bulb, GU10 Base
Evaluating an LED solely or primarily on the basis ... For example, a 50PAR30/HIR/NFL25 is a 50-watt PAR30 narrow flood lamp with a beam angle of 25 degrees. Also referred to as "Maximum Overall Lengt...

LED streetlamps to lightup Weymouth streets
The LED street lighting to be installed will include traditional streetlamps, decorative light fixtures and flood lights throughout the town’s public areas. "The LED lights will reduce light pollution ...

SeaLife Announces DC2000 and Micro 2.0 Camera and Lighting Sets
or the lights red LED “stealth” mode; when you want to shoot that perfect still image – snap and the Sea Dragon 3000F (F stands for the wide Flood beam) turns off for approximately one second, so you ...

Public Pulse: Missouri flood control changes needed; Joyner departure rued; Kangaroo meat not worth losing jobs
It is obvious that the goal of flood control as originally written into law in 1944 ... The current policy of fearing a drought on the upper basin has led to one disaster after another. A change is lo...

Somerset CCC chief executive Andrew Cornish provides update on floodlight project at County Ground
Developers are currently digging 11 metres into the ground to install the lights, which will make use of LED technology and stand 54 metres high when the assembly is complete. Somerset chief executive ...

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