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GE can't get rid of its light bulb business
It's an industrywide problem driven by low prices and the popularity of LED lights that last for decades, limiting the need to replace them. "It has not been a particularly good business to be in," said RBC analyst Deane Dray. Related: GE's latest sale ...

Will LED lights replace colour gels?
LED lighting is getting better all the time, and new multi-colour options look like they could eventually spell the end of traditional gels. The subject of today's state-of-tech review is colour, specifically colour that can be conjured up at the press of ...

Cleveland City Council approves plans for brighter street lights, security cameras to boost safety
CLEVELAND, Ohio - City Council on Monday approved a plan to replace 61,000 street lights with brighter, more cost-effective LED lighting and clear the way to mount surveillance cameras atop thousands of utility poles. The work will cost millions to complete.

New LumenMax 2835 LED Strip Light
SAN DIEGO, May 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Environmental Lights, a leader in LED lighting solutions, announced the availability of the LumenMax 2835 LED Strip Light. "Our Line of LumenMax LED Strip Light is the brightest single-row LED strip light we have ...

Research report explores the plugin work lights market explore global industry analysis and forecast 2016 - 2026
Plug in work lights has evolved over the time and become much more energy efficient with the incorporation of LED lights. Plug in Work Lights Market Dynamics: Lack of provisions for installing stationary illumination devices or equipment in complex ...

DOE issues final report on Gateway outdoor LED lighting in high-temperature environment
The DOE tested the first-generation outdoor LED lighting at 7000 and 11,000 hours. After 11,000 hours, the researchers found unexpectedly that the luminaires, in a clean state, delivered only 50% illuminance relative to measurements when the lights were new.

2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS Shows New LED Headlight Design
Is Mercedes going back to bespoke bodies for its luxury+ models? Like nearly every other LED headlight setup, these daytime running lights double as indicators. But we don't see any pulsating action in this video, so the code for that tech probably isn't ...

U.N.’s New Global Initiative to Accelerate Phaseout of Incandescents and Shift to LED Bulbs
The plan will help emerging and developing economies save billions of dollars and prevent millions of tons in carbon emissions. The United Nations Environment, alongside NRDC and the world’s largest lighting company, Philips Lighting (also known as ...

Cleveland city council pushes plan for new high-tech street lights
During Monday's meeting, council members approved legislation to replace the standard street lights with new high-tech LED lights. The city's 61,000 lights will now have "smart photo cell technology" with the ability to remote on, off and dim if the light ...

Lambeau Field Replacing Lights for Upcoming Season
ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WFRV) - Lambeau Field is replacing their lights for their upcoming 2018 season. The LED Lights were brought in on Monday and will be lifted by helicopter and put in place sometime this week. The Packers are also replacing Lambeau's ...

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