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Le Creuset to debut whimsical, pastel-hued “Sorbet” line for the summer
French cookware company Le Creuset never fails to brighten up a kitchen with its assortment of colourful cast-iron products and dishes—its prices may be steep, but it works out to be a good investment in the long-run. If you’re one of the brand’s ...

Le Creuset to open first Hawaii store on Maui
Le Creuset will open its first Hawaii store on Maui, with a grand opening scheduled for June 15. The French cookware company will open in a 1,600-square-foot store at the Outlets of Maui, in the center of the Banyan Courtyard, across from Michael Kors.

The 4 Kitchen Essentials That Are Actually Worth The Investment
But if you’re building a wedding registry, or simply want to start investing in those coveted cooking and baking tools (we’re looking at you, Le Creuset and KitchenAid) to take your skills to the next level, you might want to take a peek at the items ...

Le Crueset’s steel pots perfect for your next seafood boil
Given New England’s obsession with seafood, these new heavy-gauge stockpots from Le Creuset should be just the ticket for a seafood boil this season. Sturdy, but lighter than cast iron, these high-profile enamel-coated steel pots have tight fitting lids ...

For the Love of Clambakes, Someone Please Buy Us These Le Creuset Stock Pots
Of the many splendid summer food traditions, none are so near and dear to our hearts as the clambake. (The fresh seafood! The summer corn! The dipping butter, people!) Which is why amaze-cookware-brand Le Creuset's latest launch is pretty much our favorite ...

Does This Weirdly Affordable Dutch Oven Actually Pose a Threat to Le Creuset?
Let us take you on a journey of the world. Each issue of the Gear Patrol Magazine comes packed with adventures, guides and stories exclusive to the magazine. Stunningly designed, printed on high quality stock and ready for your coffee table. Subscribers ...

Le Creuset Launches Sorbet Collection
Mini cocottes. Mini ramekins. Ice cream bowls. Espresso mugs. These adorable, compact, kitchen accessories might not be what you’re expecting from Le Creuset’s latest collection, but this summer the cookware company is thinking small. Le Creuset’s ...

Le Creuset released a pastel colored 'Sorbet Collection' and it's surprisingly affordable
Wouldn't it be nice to have a Le Creuset Dutch oven in every cute color the French company comes out with? For us, that really is the dream, but because of the hefty price tag attached to this particular kitchen item, it's an impractical one that's ...

Le Creuset finally launched an affordable cookware line
But why is it usually so expensive? Known for durable, colorful pots and pans, Le Creuset's signature cookware is made of cast iron, the strong material you'll want to use for braising, slow cooking and roasting in order to maintain a consistent level of heat.

Le Creuset's New Sorbet Collection Is a Sweet Treat for Foodies
Venerable French cookware brand Le Creuset is dropping new product today, to the delight of foodies (and ice cream addicts) everywhere. While most of us associate the brand with its iconic Dutch ovens and enameled cast iron, this latest collection is a bit ...

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