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The best lawn mowers you can buy
The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Top-quality lawn mowers are powerful enough to cut your grass to a uniform height on the ...

Man accused of lawn tractor rampage outside Columbus
COLUMBUS — A rural Columbus man is accused of driving a lawn tractor on a destructive rampage Sunday morning. James P. Koth, 59, is accused of taking his family's tractor without permission and for unknown reasons purposely causing damage to neighboring ...

Finksburg man charged with assault, DUI after driving lawn tractor in road with child on lap
A Finksburg man was charged with six counts and additional traffic violations after he allegedly fought with a man after cutting him off while driving a lawn tractor in the road with a 3-year-old girl in his lap while intoxicated. Brandon Jeffrey ...

NW Indiana man found dead beneath overturned lawn mower
VALPARAISO, Ind. (AP) - A northwest Indiana man was found dead beneath his overturned riding lawn mower hours after relatives saw him mowing around a pond. Forty-nine-year-old Thomas Wilkening was pronounced dead at the scene early Sunday on his Porter ...

Louisiana man charged with driving lawn mower while drunk
CUT OFF, La. — A south Louisiana man was arrested Saturday after sheriff’s deputies said they saw him driving a lawn mower while drunk. Brian K. Cheramie, 59, of Cut Off, is charged with second-offense driving while intoxicated, according to the ...

He’s been mowing grass a lawn time
John Ball, of Winchester, gets gas for his lawn tractor and other landscape equipment at Bo’s Belly Barn at Cork and Kent streets in Winchester on Monday. Ball, 84, said he has been cutting grass all his life and currently mows 32 lawns.

Man found dead under lawn mower in northwest Indiana
A man was found dead under a lawn mower Saturday morning in Porter Township, Indiana. Thomas Wilkening, 49, was mowing by a pond behind his home about 9 p.m. Friday at 450 South, according to the Porter County Coroner. His family was at home and out of ...

Remote-control lawn mower eyed for improved worker safety
Early Wednesday afternoon, what looked like a compact version of NASA’s Mars Rover could be seen crawling up and down the hillside of Walter Kunz Stadium, along John James Audubon Parkway. The bright yellow-and-black unit, with all-wheel drive and all ...

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