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Dixie Sokolik: We all need to do our part when it comes to recycling
We recently purchased a Keurig coffee maker. Since we generally only drink one cup of coffee in the morning — perhaps two — I had wanted one of these for the convenience and easy cleanup. Plus, we no longer have to dump out any unused coffee.

Keurig Green Mountain Creating 500 Jobs in South Carolina with New Spartanburg County Operations
$350 million investment to create 500 jobs.Keurig is a specialty coffee and coffee maker company whose products are used in 25 million homes throughout North America.Keurig was established in 1981.The company’s new roasting and packaging facility will be ...

Keurig Bringing 500 Jobs to Spartanburg County
Spartanburg, SC (WLTX) - Keurig Green Mountain Inc. is opening a new facility in the Upstate, which is expected to create 500 new jobs. The specialty coffee and coffee maker company will open a roasting and packaging facility for it's single-serve K-Cup ...

This NYC Startup Just Created the Keurig for Smoothies
The company is looking to bringing convenience layered through a sophisticated piece of machinery in much the same way that Keurig disrupted coffee makers, while showcasing a wide variety of fresh flavors all made from natural ingredients. Blix is an ...

Scott Bays: Appliance ban not beneficial, Housing should instead spark safety conversations
It seems UCLA hasn’t quantifiably justified to students why Keurig coffee makers are banned on the Hill – except of course to shout fire. And unless RAs decide to shift their loyalties away from fellow students, some Bruins will continue to own and use ...

Fastest Coffee Makers From CR's Tests
CR’s take: For the Keurig K-Cup faithful, the Hamilton Beach Flex Brew Generation 2 49997 offers an equally zippy brew time. This K-Cup brewer also doubles as a one- or two-mug drip coffee maker and features auto-shutoff and a height-adjustable drip tray.

illy Y5 Espresso & Coffee Machine review: Knockout looks, poor performance
This is the coffee maker I would place in the kitchen if I was staging a home ... And unlike other pod-based coffee systems I’ve seen, Keurig being the most well known, illy’s pods (or “capsules,” as illy calls them) are not entirely sealed ...

Love craft coffee and beer? This local Kickstarter is for you
The base is about the size of a coffee maker, making it a reasonable countertop appliance ... The result was strong coffee with no bitterness — essentially a Keurig that makes the coffee you actually want to drink. The machine replicates beers from ...

Giant specialty coffee maker to invest $350 million, create 500 jobs in area
A giant in specialty coffee and innovative single-serve brewing systems, announced plans for a $350 million capital investment and that will create 500 new jobs in Spartanburg County. The Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. (Keurig) will be located in the Tyger ...

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