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Curtains or blinds? 4 key points to consider
Colour looks great at kitchen windows. For a fresh look, why not match up blinds to existing kitchen accessories? “Aluminium and wood effect venetian blinds are easy to wipe clean and won’t harbour germs, dirt or smells, so they’re a great option for ...

Blinds & Shades Market: Key Players and Production Information analysis
Based on material type the blinds & shades market can be segregated into metal blinds, wooden blinds, fabric blinds, faux wood blinds, and synthetic blinds. In terms of application, the blinds & shades market can be divided into residential and non ...

Give your home a rustic makeover with wooden frames, classic rugs
Make your home look artistic and rustic with old-looking wooden doors and window frames ... Check that the furniture should sit perfectly on the rug. * Blinds: A lot of people are going back to traditional blinds. It works perfectly for large windows ...

Lend rustic touch to home with wooden frames, classic rugs
Wooden frames give an antique look to your room with a vintage ... the furniture should sit in perfectly on the rug to make the room look dressed enough. * Blinds: A lot of people are going back to the traditional blinds. This item of window covering ...

Cascade Blinds, Bangor
The fitter, Glenn, couldn't do enough. He was very patient with my Mum who is 82 and doesn't make her mind up easily! The blinds are great. I got Wooden and Mum got Verticals. Efficient service and a great price . Thanks Cascade!

Neighbors upset with city after burned house stays up for months
(Valley News Live) - "All you do is you open up your blinds and you see this," says Kelly, gesturing at the charred remains of a house on her street. Nearly six months after a fire tore through this Detroit Lakes home - the smell of burnt wood and the ...

BEHIND THE BLINDS: These two rising actors are deeply in love but are scared to commit
(Also Read:Behind The Blinds: This Bollywood actor is an escort, and his father-in-law is his pimp) The two actors apparently are madly in love with each other and they will also be seen together in a film which they recently shot together. The two are ...

Welcome to Brumbria: should the West Midlands become a national park?
In the 19th century, Queen Victoria would lower the blinds on the royal train so she didn’t have ... “Castle Vale and Chelmsley Wood, and lots of other estates in the West Midlands are cut off from the rest off the city by the M6 and by the big main ...

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