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Spiffy Spools Expands Offering with Custom Window Roman Shades
NEW YORK, June 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Spiffy Spools has expanded its current offering of custom window treatments with custom window shades. The new line of roman shades will be offered in four styles: flat fold roman shades with front slates ...

Answers to Your Window Treatment Questions from Just Right Blinds
Just Right Blinds has answers to these questions and more, thanks to Hunter Douglas window fashions. We're ready to provide you a free in-home consultation that considers all of your window treatment questions. To help start the process, here are answers ...

In Digital Device Boom, Tear Film Sees Window for Dry Eye Treatment
The source of your eye discomfort might be cradled in your hands. If you’re like many people, your eyes spend much of the day fixed on digital displays. Before reading this, maybe you watched videos on a tablet or scanned social media on your phone.

Window cleaner, 31 and 28-year-old hairdresser are killed on their first date when his BMW crashes on motorway
Father-of-two Tim, a window cleaner, was left with life threatening injuries and taken to hospital for treatment but died on Wednesday night. The pair had been driving back from Miller and Carter steak restaurant in Cardiff at around 3pm when they crashed.

UK Interior Shutters Tier-On-Tier Bay Window Treatments Services Launched
As well as being ideal for window treatments, interior shutters also have a variety of additional applications, such a room dividers or wardrobe doors. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality shutters and blinds, S:CRAFT strives constantly to update its ...

Pollination window critical time for corn
The pollination window is one of the most critical weeks for corn and ... This problem rarely requires an insecticide treatment because silks can grow up to 1.5 inches each day. Fields that are less than 50 percent pollinated and have three to five beetles ...

Man falls through window while trying to escape gunfire
He was taken to a Shreveport hospital for treatment. Investigators say Moran and 21-year-old ... Moran was hurt when he fell through a window at a residence while trying to flee, authorities said. Brown was arrested at 12:20 p.m. and booked into Shreveport ...

Best Foot Forward: Feet can be window into systemic health issues
So it is possible that detecting PAD in the leg and foot and being screened in other areas could allow treatment intervention to prevent stroke or myocardial infarction. Gout or hyperuricemia is an often painful arthritic manifestation that arises in the foot.

In New Hampshire, Even Mothers In Treatment For Opioids Struggle To Keep Children
“I cannot stress enough that 12 months is a really short window for somebody who’s in early recovery ... what I have seen is a mom can be enrolled in this program and compliant in treatment and they are giving birth to a child and that child ...

Delusional mother who threw her 18-month-old son to his death from sixth floor window who smoked 50 cannabis joints a day is detained indefinitely
But then she saw that Gemma had thrown Elliot out of the window,' said Ms Melly ... defendant's mother said Procter had been a 'brilliant mum', adding: 'I think she needs treatment. I love Gemma and want to make sure that she gets treatment.'

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