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The Neighbours would approve! Actress Olympia Valance highlights her curves in elegant white frock at Stakes Day
With a role on Neighbours and a gig as face of Gossard lingerie, Olympia Valance is a hot commodity. So it came as no surprise to see the 23-year-old make a stylish arrival at Melbourne's Stakes Day 2016 on Saturday. All eyes were on the brunette beauty as ...

Catherine Cleary: My worst ever meal as a restaurant reviewer
Once a place of Egyptian cotton valances with full-size Francis Brennans twinkling at you at every turn, now there is a stack of 25kg potato sacks, a shiny red-and-white fit-out and wooden tables. It’s got the folksy vibe that every franchise needs these ...

2019 Lexus ES promises new levels of performance and sophistication
The F Sport model gets a trunk spoiler with dark accents along the taillights and lower rear valance. Wheels include standard 17 ... colors including Ultra Sonic Blue Mica 2.0 and Ultra White. All ES 350 cars will get a 3.5L V6 making 302hp and 267 lb ...

Window Treatments at Prices You Can Afford
Eclipse vinyl shutters come in white and off-white and are easy to clean and care ... Still popular and maintenance free, they come standard with a decorative valance to finish off your window and are cost friendly. Honeycomb shades offer a soft, light ...

It’d Been A Sin To Restomod This 1963 Corvette Split-Window
White paint hides a multitude of sins ... and the body stripped-bare for paint the only fiberglass damage discovered were slight fractures in the valance beneath the grille. Amazingly, the car had never been in an accident beyond pulling into a driveway ...

Doing the bridal chic look again... Holly Valance steps out in a flirty white dress as she's spotted with her fiancé Nick Candy
And with having an engagement ring firmly on her finger it seems that Holly Valance has been trying out looks to take down the altar as she was pictured wearing another white dress when she stepped out in London last night. Holly, who got engaged at the ...

Paramount Remaking ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’
The black and white film was directed by John Ford and released ... the box office with $8 million in grosses on a $3.2 million budget. The song “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” was a Top 10 hit for Gene Pitney but was not included in the film.

2019 Lexus ES Preview - Specs, Prices and Love
On the F SPORT model, a trunk lid spoiler adds a tasteful hint of performance while dark accents along the taillights and lower valance are more subtle indications ... on the viewing angle while Ultra White is a pure, bright shade of white that contrasts ...

Full transcript: Vox Editor at Large Ezra Klein on Recode Media
So writing a lot about that had a different Chartbeat valance than it will have three weeks from now ... So much of the political correctness debate is actually about folks who are oftentimes not white the not exclusively folks who are nonwhite getting ...

41 Fall Decorating Ideas To Help You Live Your Coziest Life
Plain orange and white too humdrum for your tastes ... This bedroom combines tartan with a stripe fabric on the walls, valances, and bed skirt. Get that fall feeling year-round with a foliage-inspired accent wall. If that feels too bold for you, you ...

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