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109 Waverly Place, New York City
and the floor-to-ceiling windows of the garden floor. Here the interior opens out onto a landscaped yard complete with outdoor kitchen. State-of-the-art upgrades abound, including heated floors, top-of-the-line appliances, a home gym and a steam room.

The Influencers: Columbia’s Neighborhoods Flex Their Muscles at City Hall
From moneyed, mostly white enclaves like Shandon and Wales Garden to historic African-American communities like Waverly and Martin Luther King ... Cooper holds monthly coalition meetings in the living room at her house on Grace Street.

Home & Garden Show opens doors
The 25th annual Owensboro Home & Garden Show kicked off downtown on Friday to early ... "Many of those members and the contractors they use are right here in this room." Stallings said it is important for homeowners or prospective builders to understand ...

Gathering place
They willingly sacrificed additional space in the living room and bedrooms on their floor plan to have ... who worked with Tara Bergmann at 2 Guys Interior Focus in Waverly. “She made it so easy for me, and it’s nice to work with someone who shared ...

This popular home store is having a huge sale on spring furniture right now
Get the Waverly Sun n' Shade Indoor ... save $149 Start your very own container garden with a trio of planters that have the essence of an orchard. Place them together or spread them across your patio or living room, and fill them with a variety of plants.

An Insiders’ Clubhouse (Apply at the Door)
If the magazine had published one of its snidely annotated seating charts for the Waverly, it would have had three clear zones: the bar, the main dining room and the garden room, otherwise known as “Siberia.” There is also a tiny outside area out front ...

A slice of old world in a modern mall
The Waverly Hotel set inside VR Bengaluru is a place where the colonial era collides with the contemporary reality of the Garden City A hotel inside a ... right from the reception to the rooms to the restaurant. If the entrance is reminiscent of a colonial ...

The best diners in NYC
While the nearly 40-year-old restaurant has undergone some renovations over the years, the Waverly still touts its colorful neon ... Tom’s really goes a step beyond the garden-variety diner. Ye olde flapjacks are served here in a sweet-corn–studded ...

Single-family house sales start at Waverly mixed-use development
The site will include medical offices anchored by Novant Health. A 141-room Hilton Garden Inn developed by Naman Hotels. Waverly is far from the only – or even the biggest – mixed-use development underway in the area. Directly across the street ...

Renovated Waverly library branch to reopen after 'endless delays'
She and Encina said the library system plans to expand its programming at the Waverly branch. The building is now banked by windows in its cavernous main room. "You can peek out ... There's also a flower garden outside on the Barclay Street side of ...

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