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How To Hang A Waterfall Valance - 32 results
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Jewel box bath sparkles with sumptuous glamour
A crystal waterfall in the glassed-in shower is the crowning glory ... Plantation shutters are topped with a metallic fabric valance with crystal accent trim. Above, a linear chandelier drips with ran...

Olympia Valance flaunts her washboard abs in a floral bandeau and billowing pants
She's the former Neighbours actress known for her natural beauty and impeccable style. And on Wednesday, Olympia Valance dropped jaws in a sensational two-piece ensemble as the stars stepped out for T...

New London Theatre presents "The Outsiders"
New London Theatre presents "The Outsiders", opening March 28th and continuing through ... and Johnny Cade from the Greasers befriend the Socs Cherry Valance and Marcia at a drive-in movie theatre. Th...

Olympia Valance in sexy black-two piece as new ambassador of Gossard lingerie
Taking a break from filming Neighbours Down Under, Olympia Valance is working on a new project abroad. The 21-year-old took to Instagram on Tuesday announcing she is the new ambassador for British lin...

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