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What you need to know about collecting vintage linens
Use vintage lace-edged sheets as curtains, bedspreads, even room dividers. Put embroidered hand towels in powder rooms. They serve well as wineglass towels, too. Make them into little pillows or baby quilts as gifts, or have a tailor make them if you don't ...

When a Bride Goes Thrifting for Her Wedding Decor
“I wanted to use tablecloths that were elegant and vintage, yet affordable,” she says. So she found 22 round tablecloths and 22 lace curtains to make her vision come to life. “I also found some great plaid accent vintage tablecloths that looked ...

Vintage linens should be seen, not stored
A window framed with clean, white curtains ... vintage linens, used in new ways (old sheets as curtains, for example). Whether inspired by thrift, nostalgia or design, creative linen lovers are turning tea towels into valances, bedcovers into draperies ...

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