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The vintage caravan that someone wants to swap a Ferrari for
And that is part of its appeal. Photograph: Michael Donnelly The four-berth caravan has wooden countertops, a checkerboard floor, gingham curtains and an awning that was designed to provide shade but in an Irish climate will also help keep the rain at bay.

‘Curtains for Myron,’ a dark comedy, opens run June 8 at Bearsville Theater in Woodstock
Giaimo has written many full-length plays and also owns the antique shop Vintage Modern in Woodstock, where he resides. Also in the cast are Susan Cella, who played Evita on Broadway; Michael Iannucci and Tina Keyes. “Curtains for Myron” will have 12 ...

Curtain up! Bringing the theatre of mixology to your bar at H&C EXPO
For example, the latest trend in cocktail glassware is the vintage look which started with bartenders scouring car boot sales for old mismatched cocktail glasses. Now you can mismatch by choosing new retro look glassware that comes in many different styles ...

Projects That Don't Break The Bank
Vintage garden items, flower pots, and stands can be given new life with a little cleaning and painting. Transplant some annuals, or repot your growing plants, and "viola!" instant beauty. 5. Clean the windows, screens, and curtains. While "I don't do ...

Compact kitchen couture: Expert tips to organize your small space
"I disguise visible pantry storage in attractive vessels, like vintage Pyrex containers which are easily stackable ... Don't forget about the inside of cabinet doors. A short curtain rod attached to the inside of a cabinet can hold small tools on ring ...

'Yugonostalgia' drives iconic Yugo car tours
tourists are warmly greeted, as they climb into a vintage car that is no longer produced for a visit ... Like in other places once stranded behind the detested Iron Curtain, the Serbian capital has found a unique way to cater for a surge in interest ...

Made in St. Louis: She turns T-shirts, clothing into memory quilts
“Sewing was a way I could afford the pillows, curtains and décor I wanted,” she says ... machine-quilting services to people who furnish pieced tops, newly made or vintage. Where to buy • Currently, customers contact Whitener-Fey to order ...

Instagram stars are at home with nature in Washington County
Fancy appliances weren’t in the budget, so Johnna added copper accents to an otherwise unremarkable white range, and brass knobs to an Army green vintage fridge she picked ... Quaint crocheted curtains allow plenty of light to enter through the oversized ...

In Alamo Square, an architect embraces all things vintage
A vintage French cafe chair sits at his ’60s-era Danish desk ... including several combs made from water buffalo horns from China and a window curtain from Japan. In his bedroom, belts rest on the back of a Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair, which is ...

The National Theatre Announces More Season Details, Including FOLLIES Casting
Celebrated singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell and director Rachel Chavkin have transformed Mitchell's acclaimed concept album into a genre-defying new musical that mixes modern American folk music with vintage ... behind the gingham curtains, things start ...

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