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A Work of Substance Masterminds 3 Stylish Hong Kong Eateries
Located on the Tower Wing’s lobby level of the historic Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore, this bar and grill is a trip all its own: guests’ movements from the silk curtain–wrapped ... seating includes ba...

Thinking About Rebranding? 4 Tips from Southland CU
Rebranding efforts are common in the credit union world these days, but peek behind the curtain at cooperatives such as Los Alamitos ... “We actually heard from the younger audience that the teal and ...

Neal Beckstedt Uses Color to Rev Up a Manhattan Pied-à-Terre
Quite a bit further, it turns out. In the guest bedroom, Beckstedt used shades of teal for the bed, walls, and even the ceiling, which he contrasted with rust-colored curtains. For the master suite, m...

Peugeot’s ‘ultra-desirable future’ takes a few hints from the past
Looks like the curtain might finally be falling on the likes ... into the dashboard when in full autonomous drive mode. The teal velour seats are admittedly hideous, but they do recline for ...

What Happened Just Before I Was Kidnapped & Assaulted On Vacation
The bees stained the curtains; they hung by their delicate wings ... a womb not ready to release. The sea changes from teal to emerald, the waves bigger, capped in white. I don’t know it yet, but the ...

ON THE BOARDS • Week of SEPT 13 – SEPT 19 What’s Playing on BUFFALO THEATER Stages
Alleyway Theatre, One Curtain Up Alley (852-2600 ... directed by Candice Kogut, starring Madalyn Teal, Joe Russi, Carly Luksch, Kelly O’Hara, Talia Mobley, Parker Welling, Jake Grear, Kaeli McGinnis, ...

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