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10 best-selling blackout curtains to help you sleep better this summer
These blackout curtains come in a fun striped pattern that will add style to a child’s room. It features a rod pocket and comes in fun colors such as navy, pink-lavender and teal. The white stripe is more of a gray hue because of the blackout material ...

Behind the Teal Curtain
This post was contributed by a community member. With the South Bay in a hockey playoff frenzy, the time has come to peel back the teal curtain and reveal what it's like to be married to a San Jose Sharks player. Luckily I have connections. Last year a ...

Transform Your Home into an Entertaining Haven this Summer
Go all out with color and bold furnishings -- shades of magenta and teal go perfectly with nature’s green elements ... If you have an indoor patio or pergola, hanging decorative curtains provides style, shade and privacy. Finalize the space with ...

Inside Rio Ferdinand and Kate Wright’s luxurious home including a high-tech gym and large garden
Inside, there’s the impressive living room, which has a parquet floor, large cream sofas and floor to ceiling curtains. Their bathroom is less neutral though and is painted a deep teal colour with a black and white picture of Marilyn Monroe on the wall.

Phoenix local music picks: Lago, CO-OP, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Wyves, Baseline, Samual L Cool J
He's turning 49 the same day as this show, which features performances by Teazer, Cry Wolf, Wired to Pluto, Cason, Black Curtain and Hat Trick ... Todd Hoover revived the Invisible Teal for the release of "Debt and Quandaries" because the music felt ...

The beat goes on: 'The Cher Show' premieres in Chicago
Block and Teal Wicks and newcomer Micaela Diamond play the singer ... "We're taking the audience behind the curtain." Working with Elice is the Tony-winning team of director Jason Moore, music director Daryl Waters and choreographer Christopher Gattelli.

The best shower curtains you can buy
The curtain itself is highly rated in the simple, gender-neutral yellow, gray, and white pattern, but is also available in violet Orchard, teal green Aruba, or coral Aruba. Why you'll love it: Nearly everyone will recognize the painting recreated on the ...

6 Ways to Green Up Your Home with One of Summer’s Hottest Colors
Paired with the deeper green of the curtains, the color “really plays off the green ... The cocktail of textures, plus pops of deep teal, keep the vibe feeling casual and nature-inspired against the soft green walls.

Teal Wicks, James Snyder To Star In "Carousel" At Goodspeed
Teal Wicks and James Snyder will star as Julie Jordan and Billy Bigelow in Goodspeed Opera House’s production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Carousel.” Rob Ruggiero ("1776," "Big River,"Show Boat," "Camelot") will stage the musical whichw ill run July ...

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