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Blue Mesa Grill shutters 20-year-old location on Northwest Highway in Dallas
The owners of The Blue Mesa Grill on Northwest Highway in Dallas have closed that location amid rising costs, saying "it was time to move on." The nearly 20-year-old location, the third for the brand, was in need of costly renovations and had a lease that ...

As Macau's greyhound track shutters, fears over dogs' fate
MACAU (Reuters) - In a dingy neighborhood far from the sparkling casinos that have proliferated across Macau in recent years, six greyhounds raced around a concrete track on a rain-soaked weekday night. A handful of punters watched the race on two dated TV ...

Magnitude 6.1 earthquake kills three people, shutters factories in Japan's Osaka
A magnitude 6.1 earthquake hit Japan's Osaka on Monday morning, with three people reported dead, according to government officials and broadcaster NHK. No tsunami warning was issued. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said authorities were assessing damage and that ...

Huge UES Asian Steakhouse Jade Sixty Shutters, Possibly Permanently
Splashy, two-level Asian steakhouse and sushi restaurant Jade Sixty has closed its doors at least temporarily, following a water main break and just over six months on the Upper East Side. The upscale restaurant at 116 East 60th St., between Park and ...

Summer of shutters continues as hip Austin restaurant abruptly closes
Austin’s restaurant scene, already on edge from a slate of high-profile closures, received more bad news on June 18 with the announcement that East Austin’s Chicon is closing on June 23. According to a release, owner Edgewise, an Austin-based ...

Jack-n-Grill Shutters Two Remaining Restaurants
But last year, Martinez put his flagship restaurant up for sale (as part of a divorce settlement), noting that the restaurant would close as soon as a buyer could be found. That time has come; Jack-n-Grill is now closed and the building is under contract.

Local people forcibly open shutters of Neikarapatti lake
Tension prevailed when the local residents damaged the sluices and released the polluted water of the Kottanathan lake in Neikarapatti in the city on Tuesday. The local people complained that the water of the lake was found highly polluted and the foul ...

Earthquake shutters factories in Japan's Osaka
A magnitude 6.1 earthquake shook Osaka early on Monday morning, killing three people and injuring more than 230 others, while halting factory lines in an important industrial area of central Japan.

Home of Denver 7-pound breakfast burrito shutters remaining restaurants
Eighteen years ago, Jack Martinez set up a green-chile roasting stand at 2524 Federal Boulevard. Sales of his roasted chiles, corn and street eats were so good that he eventually took over the building next to the parking lot where he operated, drawing ...

Manhattan’s First Carl’s Jr. Location Shutters After Less Than 5 Months
After less than five months in operation, the first Manhattan location of Carl’s Jr. has unceremoniously closed. The burger chain best known for its long “slutburger” campaign opened a two-floor Midtown West location at the end of January, its debut ...

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