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Review: Actor’s Express stages moving production of ‘The Color Purple’ musical
“The Color Purple,” which was adapted into a film in 1985 ... There were a couple of standing ovations before curtain call, and there was never a lull in the action. From the start to finish, this super-talented cast and proficient musicians exceed ...

Naked body parts, hair as sculpture: The strange, sinister, seductive art of Julie Curtiss
purple or fuchsia, as if belonging to a comic book superhero or lowbrow pinup. Where hair appears — and it appears everywhere, not just on heads — it organizes itself into rolled and rippled tresses, parting like heavy curtains. Born in Paris and based ...

Jennifer Hudson and the Cast of ‘The Color Purple’ Sing ‘Purple Rain’ in Curtain Call Tribute to Prince: WATCH
Last night at curtain call, Jennifer Hudson, Cynthia Erivo, and the cast of Broadway’s The Color Purple took a moment to honor the musical genius of Prince with a performance of “Purple Rain”, asking the audience to sing along.

Review: ‘Sugar in Our Wounds’ May Make You Cry About the Past, and the Present
The stage is dominated by a massive, moss-laden tree, lit by so many green and purple lights that I felt like I’d microdosed ... At a preview performance, during an enthusiastic curtain call, the sniffles were as loud as the applause.

Short Relief: The Second Direction
For a regular reliever, this would qualify as a poor outing, but for a reliever who just tossed his cookies, again, on television, the literal stuff of nightmares, I am prepared to award him some kind of hybrid Medal of Honor-Nobel-Purple Heart-Daytime Emmy.

Indie rocker Jenny Lewis brings new music to Bethlehem
The atmosphere was relaxed, complete with stage accessories like lamps, curtains and burning incense. The ambiance of the performance was complemented with smoky fog accentuated by soft purple, blue and pink lights. Lewis' voice was clear and full ...

Tropical Prints Have Finally Shed Their Cheesy Reputation
Two unwavering thumbs up for leafy shower curtains tinted purple and blue and color-blocked throws with the subtlest of beach vibes. An entire sofa upholstered in dark fronds isn't out of the question, either. We first started rethinking tropical prints ...

Meghan Markle's fashion debacle
The dress received mixed reviews among royal watchers, with some likening it to a baggy dressing gown or a pair of curtains. For Harper’s Bazaar ... coloured hat by milliner Philip Treacy, with purple trim and a birdcage veil, teamed with jewellery ...

Night 2 at Paisley Park: Prince's rehearsal offers fans a look behind the Purple curtain
And on Night 2 at Paisley Park, Prince invited the public, saluted the WNBA champion Lynx in conversation and declared this last-minute $50-a-ticket performance a rehearsal. He put the same band he had for Wednesday’s 3-hour Lynx victory party through ...

This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #35 David Adams
The Steel Curtain of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Purple People Eaters of the Minnesota Vikings. Twitter @David_Adams1335 While the Purple People Eaters were defensive linemen, I’m going to go in the direction of comparing Adams to them. They were Vi ...

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