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Go Inside the 'Cozy' and 'Rustic' Nursery for Hannah Simone's Son - Inspired by Her Travels!
“From bedding to accessories, the Junk Gypsy for Pottery Barn Kids collection has been an essential part ... To match, the room includes Junk Gypsy Denim Border Panel curtains and the line’s Buffalo R...

Williams-Sonoma: Not Your Traditional Retailer
They operate through many brands, including Williams-Sonoma ... The Pottery Barn is a home furnishings brand that offers furniture, bedding, bathroom accessories, rugs, curtains, lighting, and decorat...

Pottery Barn Kids
It's worth a trip just outside the city to check out PBK's dense hardwood beds (trundles and canopies are available separately). Sturdy dressers and matching nightstands complement accessories from sh...

Williams-Sonoma Opens Stores in Manila, Expands Globally
Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids are two of the company’s iconic brands. Pottery Barn offers premium products in the form of furniture, bedding, bathroom accessories, rugs, curtains, lighting, table...

Labor Day deals and retail sales roundup (updated)
Pier 1 Imports: Sales on outdoor merchandise; 20 percent off all lanterns, curtains wall art and mirrors. Pottery Barn Kids: Take up to 75 percent off items for babies and kids. Pottery Barn Teen: Sav...

19 Home and Furniture Sales You Don't Want to Miss This Weekend
Joss & Main: Dining Room Redo Sale: Shop dining seating, tables, accent furniture, lighting, curtains and centerpieces up to ... save up to 60% off Warehouse Sale items. Pottery Barn Kids: Save 20% of...

Name brand convertible crib (white). Patio furniture, Pottery Barn Kids girls bedding/rug/ curtains, Household items including furniture, bar stools and decorative items.

Williams-Sonoma Opens West Elm Store in Oklahoma City
The company offers West Elm branded furniture, bedding, bathroom accessories, rugs, curtains, lighting ... Last month, the company introduced its first Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids stores in Sou...

Focus On Williams-Sonoma
curtains, lighting, tabletop, outdoor, and decorative accessories under the Pottery Barn brand; and products designed for creating magical spaces where children can play, laugh, learn, and grow under ...

You Need This Huge Rainbow Sprinkler for Summer
Pottery Barn Kids has just graced us with a magical rainbow sprinkler that’ll transform your backyard. The giant inflatable is super easy to set up. All you have to do is fill with air, attach a hose, ...

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