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Pottery Barn to open new Ohio store
SAN FRANCISCO — Pottery Barn, a brand of Williams-Sonoma, will open a new store June 8 in the Pinecrest shopping center in Orange Village, Ohio. The 8,000-square-foot store will showcase the brand’s casual home furnishings and décor collections and ...

Reserve Your Parking Spot At Mall of Georgia With New App
The service began Friday. The expansion will feature a total of 20 new spaces at a key location within the property, at an entrance by the Food Court and Pottery Barn. The MyPark app provides guests with the ability to choose a premium spot by the mall ...

The Difference between Your View and Fairview
Julieta Cervantes) Jackie Sibblies Drury's Fairview takes place in what looks like a Pottery Barn catalogue: Beige furniture rests serenely on wall-to-wall white carpet, all of it kissed by recessed lighting. We instantly recognize this aggressively ...

Ionia’s Barn Project: Where Community and Natural Building Meet
The barn was conceived to be a series of shops: woodshop and wood beamery, mechanics shop, metalworking shop, pottery/clay shop, bicycle/cart shop, and a dojo/yoga studio. It has space for processing the harvest, drying beans, squash, seeds, grains ...

Missing children: The Pottery Barn rule revisited
If one in five American parents couldn’t figure out where their kids were, most people would rightly see the phenomenon as a crisis and a national scandal. Grandstanding prosecutors with visions of gubernatorial campaigns dancing in their heads would ...

Pottery Barn, a member of the Williams-Sonoma, Inc. (WSM) portfolio of brands, will debut a new store on Friday, June 8 th, at Pinecrest, a premier lifestyle shopping center, in Orange Village, Ohio. The 8,000 square foot store was designed to make ...

Pottery Barn
For comic book fans, art is always a pretty safe choice for gift-giving, but as great as it is to have an original of Batman riding a unicorn or whatever, the major flaw is that you are not generally encouraged to stick things into it …

A Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection is Coming to Pottery Barn: Everything We Know So Far
Pottery Barn‘s latest collaboration is about to put a little prep in you step — and your living room! The cult favorite resort-wear brand Lilly Pulitzer has teamed up with Pottery Barn brands to release an exclusive home décor collection that is ...

West Elm and Pottery Barn Kids, members of the Williams-Sonoma, Inc. (WSM) portfolio of brands, unveiled today an exclusive collection of affordable and stylish nursery furnishings and decor. The West Elm X Pottery Barn Kids collection combines West Elm ...

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