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Hollywood-based Valance sells Elsternwick pad
FORMER Neighbours star Olympia Valance and her rock legend stepfather Ross Wilson ... The family painted and pulled up carpet to reveal stylish floorboards, did some work on the kitchen and transformed one of the bedrooms into a dressing room.

Robbie Williams is among guests rushed to safety as huge blaze engulfs five-star Mandarin Oriental hotel in Knightsbridge - less than a week after its multi-million pound revamp
Australian singer and actress Holly Valance was nearby when the flames broke out ... while those looking for the action of the kitchen can book the chef's table. During the refurbishment, the façade of the hotel was covered by a collage of 100 of the ...

Advice when designing for small spaces
Knock down a wall into the kitchen and gain visual space ... Forego swags and jabots in favor of a tailored valance, if at all. Seating is always at a shortage in small spaces. Using a sectional or L-shaped sofa will add more seating and will use the ...

Escape from the hotel inferno: Dramatic footage shows the moment worker found huge blaze erupting from the roof of London's Mandarin Oriental forcing guests including Robbie ...
Australian singer and actress Holly Valance was nearby when the flames broke out ... while those looking for the action of the kitchen can book the chef's table. During the refurbishment, the façade of the hotel was covered by a collage of 100 of the ...

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