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Spiffy Spools Expands Offering with Custom Window Roman Shades
NEW YORK, June 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Spiffy Spools has expanded its current offering of custom window treatments with custom window shades. The new line of roman shades will be offered in four styles: flat fold roman shades with front slates ...

Custom Blinds And Design
With our selection of shutters, blinds, draperies and almost everything else when it comes to window coverings, we're confident Custom Blinds & Design will make your home more beautiful “Founded in 2000, Custom Blinds & Design is your source for blinds ...

Leave Prop. 13 alone
I'd lug drapery samples - and sometimes carpet samples - out to people's homes, measure, make suggestions and give them estimates, mostly for custom-made drapes. If you will remember - either from personal knowledge or history lessons - that would have ...

Warrenton Décor closing store but not business
Dawn Winslow-Chadwick will continue to run the custom drapery and shade business from her Culpeper home, visiting clients in Fauquier, Culpeper and Rappahannock counties. Hoping to have more time for hobbies, Ms. Winslow-Chadwick made the decision in April ...

Custom window treatments: The finishing touch to a well-dressed room
Looking for an easy way to update a room or enhance the existing design of your home? While new furniture, rugs, accessories or artwork may be your first thought, have you considered custom window treatments? Window treatments are one thing people often ...

Custom Drapery
CHAMPAIGN, Ill - Matt talks to Le Ann Meyer, owner, and Lauren Dubnicek, a designer at Draperies and Interiors by Design, about custom drapery. Draperies and Interiors by Design offers Central Illinois’s largest fabric library. Designers assist clients ...

Drapery dilemma: the pros and cons of custom versus ready-made curtains
I was scurrying around the house tidying up, which gave me away. "Expecting someone?" asked my husband, DC, who was leaving for work. "Yes," I said, hoping that would suffice. (When speaking to a lawyer, only answer the question.) But the anemic answer ...

A Handy Guide to Starting a Home Remodel
If you’re planning a home remodel, it can be helpful to find a comprehensive resource that offers a one-stop-shop for bathroom remodeling, countertops, custom window treatments, flooring, heating and cooling, water heaters and whole-home water treatment.

Five Elmhurst Homes Just Put On The Market
5. 240 E. May St., $949,000. This home has five bedrooms, four full and one half bath, custom window treatments, new furnace, granite counters, first floor master suite.

1580 Monterey M2 Rd Apt 14H, Seal Beach, CA 90740
The bedroom has a ceiling fan & mirrored closet doors. The living room has custom drapes & drape rods. All new dual paned windows and doors. Vinyl wood floors throughout. Patio overlooks greenery with drive-up parking. Large walk-in storage on patio with ...

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