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Spiffy Spools Expands Offering with Custom Window Roman Shades
Spiffy Spools is a highly-reputed online destination for custom curtains and roman shades at prices that most brands fail to match. The new range of roman shades is now available online at and starts at $96 per shade. According to ...

Custom Blinds And Design
With our selection of shutters, blinds, draperies and almost everything else when it comes to window coverings, we're confident Custom Blinds & Design will make your home more beautiful “Founded in 2000, Custom Blinds & Design is your source for blinds ...

Warrenton Décor closing store but not business
Dawn Winslow-Chadwick will continue to run the custom drapery and shade business from her Culpeper home, visiting clients in Fauquier, Culpeper and Rappahannock counties. Hoping to have more time for hobbies, Ms. Winslow-Chadwick made the decision in April ...

Green Room at The Curtain
serving a selection of cocktails inspired by East London and created by The Curtain's Director of Beverage, Jenny Willing. As far as interiors go, plush velvet contrasts with rough concrete and floor-to-ceiling murals, custom murals and metallic touches.

Custom Drapery
CHAMPAIGN, Ill - Matt talks to Le Ann Meyer, owner, and Lauren Dubnicek, a designer at Draperies and Interiors by Design, about custom drapery. Draperies and Interiors by Design offers Central Illinois’s largest fabric library. Designers assist clients ...

Spiffy Spools Launches New Collection of Silk Custom Curtains
Heralding 2018 as the ‘Year of Old World Glam’, Spiffy Spools has unveiled its new line of pure silk curtains and blackout custom curtains at extremely affordable prices. Named ‘Agra’, the new collection is comprised of 55 stunning dupioni silk ...

Drapery dilemma: the pros and cons of custom versus ready-made curtains
I was scurrying around the house tidying up, which gave me away. "Expecting someone?" asked my husband, DC, who was leaving for work. "Yes," I said, hoping that would suffice. (When speaking to a lawyer, only answer the question.) But the anemic answer ...

Nick Cave's Freedom Ball Was a Pride Parade on Acid
Under the strands of his iridescent disco curtain, the public was invited to get into their ... throwing coins and dollar bills out of a Bible while wearing a gorgeous, custom-made American flag gown. A tiara sat snug atop his shaved head as the striped ...

Word of Mouth: Greenville, South Carolina
Brick walls and eggplant-colored curtains frame the space ... they are also inclusive. All the jeans can be custom fit, allowing shoppers who struggle to fit into typical store sizes to create their ideal wardrobe. They're also planning to offer FaceTime ...

‘Ultimate Custom Night’ Releases June 29 for ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s 6’
manage temperature thresholds, watch power levels, and, of course, play the dreaded music box. And for those who thought one Pirate’s Cove curtain was hard enough to manage, the new establishment has two of them.

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