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Curtain Calls: Improv troupe to perform ‘Sherlock’ in Walnut Creek
The cast is fierce. Jessica Holt is sharp and gifted. The set is stunning.” Curtain Calls: ‘Revolutionists’ balances humor against grim history Curtain Calls: ‘Allegiance,’ on Japanese-American intern...

Review: 'Mamma Mia' at Curtain Call
Curtain Call, which bills itself as a theatre ... of Kalokairi during the summer of 1999 was evoked by the sun splashed set designed by Peter Barbieri, Jr. with warm lighting by Peter Petrino.

State Department Spent $52,700 on Curtains for the UN Ambassador's N.Y.C. Residence
RELATED: President Trump Removes Secretary of State Rex Tillerson The actual curtains cost $29,900 and the automatic ... RELATED: Ben Carson Reportedly Has a $31K Dining Set in His Office Reports of t...

Jesse Williams Sets Directorial Debut with Docudrama Till
An exploration of power and pulling back the curtain on cultural violence ... Production on the project is set to begin in summer 2019 with the support of the Till family.

Haley criticized for expensive curtains - after Obama administration picked them out
Nikki Haley took some heat on Friday for expensive new curtains in her official residence — even though it was not her decision to have the drapes installed. Haley faced criticism on Friday after the ...

Curtain Call — Theater previews, openings Sept. 21-27
Broadway, $10, $25 festival pass; “Caroline, Or Change”: Tony Kushner and Jeanine Tesori’s musical, set in 1963 Louisiana, about a maid struggling with changes ...

Thanks For The Set!
Extraordinary efforts were undertaken by Jewish leaders to bring the arba minim across the Iron Curtain into Russia by smuggling ... I hereby advise you of my participation in the purchase of sets of ...

Curtain call coming for Monsoon 2018
This would match the 2nd longest September triple digit streak on record for Tucson, last set in 1979. An isolated shower or storm can’t be ruled out today and tomorrow. Poised to run our ...

Tim Dillard, baseball's resident comedian, has entertained the masses by peeling back the curtain
Another of Dillard’s most memorable spoofs is based on September call-ups and is set to somber music, featuring several of his Triple-A teammates looking sad about not getting a big league promotion. ...

The curtain comes down on M4Marry Wedding pageant 2018
The exhibit set off with anchor introducing the couture king and his style of work. Then followed the models draped in multi-layered gowns of peachy hues. The colour pallete used in the first ...

Legendary set designer for Guthrie, Dayton's, Holidazzle reveals lifetime of paintings
He gently opened up the tiny set to reveal benches, curtains and other tiny details inside. “Trying to do separate drawings from each side doesn’t tell you nearly as much as the model does.”

Two-day defeat brings down County Championship curtain for Sussex
Set 170 to win after Ben Cotton’s maiden five-wicket haul helped bowl Sussex out for 222 in their second-innings, Northants slipped from 53 for 1 to 82 for 4 but Curran’s solid half-century - his seco...

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