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What Is a Finial? That Missing Piece in Your Home's Decor
This crowning touch typically tops lamps, the ends of curtain rods and other furnishings to add a final flourish ... The finials that accompany your drapery hardware are also utilitarian, as they can ...

Kwik-Hang on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Quick & Easy Curtain Rod Brackets
We definitely want to start by offering a few more colors following the current trends of what’s being sold in curtain rods. Right now we are only selling the hardware but we are going to be getting b...

The Best Window Curtains and Shades, According to Interior Designers
I like a classic pinch pleat with no trim, it’s not too traditional and not too modern,” says interior designer Alyssa Kapito, who likes to pair the simple silhouettes with a streamlined bronze curtai...

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