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Curtain rises on new jump racing season
One month later - five days before Christmas Day - Haydock Park stages the first of two festive fixtures. The Sodexo Prestige Tommy Whittle Chase is the major race on Saturday, December 20, while the midweek meeting on Tuesday, December 30 is always ...

CURTAIN'S UP: Christmas Comes Early To Long Beach
Is it too early to ring in the holiday season? I suspect most people would say so, although local stores are already stocked with Christmas decor. I've always been a day-after-Thanksgiving purist but even I'm having second thoughts after attending the ...

Curtain Up: Youth show tackles Christmas greed
At Smiles Department Store, window dresser Jack Frost is a big believer in an old-fashioned Christmas. The title character of “Yours Truly, Jack Frost,” doesn’t even know what a credit card is! Theatre Harrisburg has rounded up a talented bunch of ...

Curtains for Christmas
What makes life a stage, especially at Christmas time, is the emphasis on curtains. They open and close the festive season, revealing to the world a house “put away”, as my family and neighbours used to say. There was the oilcloth table cloth and the ...

Wizards behind the curtain make the Guthrie's 'Christmas Carol' fly
The room was dark, the audience eager for the first student preview of “A Christmas Carol,” the Guthrie Theater’s signature holiday ritual. High above the floor, stage manager Michele “Coco” Hossle sat in her command center, ready to call the 600 ...

Curtain coming down on church's Living Christmas Trees
Randy Kettering teared up as he told about the “end of an era” at Grace Polaris Church. “There comes a time in your life where it starts being the last time. That’s part of the reason hope is so important in the world, because there are firsts and ...

The Pocket Mirror: A life of many corners
Central Michigan in Mount Pleasant is so far away, I only come home on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter ... "Let's wait until the actors come out from behind the curtains." Corners continue to change our lives. We lose people we love.

5 things to look out for when Middlesbrough's Championship fixtures are revealed on Thursday
Boro started away at Wolves last year but have played seven of the last 10 curtain-raisers at home ... to the Santa schedule of the thousands of ex-pats who return home for Christmas. Boro have been at home for the post-Christmas clash in three of the ...

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