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CURTAIN CALL, A Celebration of Theatre, To Be Held in Asbury Park
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Real-time results give public a glimpse behind polling curtain
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Curtain falls on Milan fashion shows with Nakashima's 1960s funk
MILAN (Reuters) - The music and culture of the 1960s inspired Japanese designer Atsushi Nakashima’s spring/summer 2019 funk-themed collection which brought down the curtain on Milan ... high-waist and ...

'The Mayo Clinic: Faith-Hope-Science' Peels the Curtain Back on Healthcare
“Faith and hope are not the first words you think about when you do a film about the best hospital in the world, but they’re just as integral as the cutting-edge medical stuff,” says Burns, who has ch...

Chevrolet Colorado Side Curtain Airbags Keep Deploying On Easy Off-Road Trails
He linked us to the Kelley Blue Book review above ... shows a black Colorado ripping donuts on sand dunes, and the side curtain airbags deploying for what looks like no apparent reason.

Police: Boardman woman opens curtains to find man licking window
A Boardman woman called police after she said she opened her curtains to find a man licking her window ... He was wearing a black T-shirt and blue pants, the report said.

Suede – ‘The Blue Hour’ review
You sense that ‘The Blue Hour’ is Suede giving themselves the grandest of curtain calls on their current era. At a sprawling 14 tracks, it may contain a few flourishes too many – and many may find the...

The curtain comes down on M4Marry Wedding pageant 2018
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Curtain goes up on Calgary International Film Festival
The Calgary Tower will be lit in red, orange and blue on Wednesday evening to celebrate the opening of the festival. The Calgary International Film Festival runs from September 19th to the 30th.

Little Rock to lift curtain on new adventure park; area lets kids play, use imaginations
A hardly used eating spot became the perfect place for parents to sit and watch their children play. The green and blue rubbery asphalt surfaces surround the area, giving the illusion of water and lan...

Updated: Chevy Colorado Curtain Airbags: Have your Side Airbags Deployed While Off-roading?
This airbag issue isn’t just the domain of Chevrolet Colorado owners. Our friends at Kelly Blue Book had an incident with a side-airbag deploying while they were slowly driving down a fire road. It ev...

Confederation Centre Lifts The Curtain On Charlottetown Festival 2019
will play on P.E.I. from August 9 to September 28. Over at The Mack, the Festival is thrilled to welcome Tara MacLean's Maritime love-letter, Atlantic Blue. This celebration of East Coast songwriters ...

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