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'Note to self, don't ever get a f***ing tattoo again!' Olympia Valance writhes in agony as she gets the ink on her torso removed
In the clip, Olympia pulls up her black singlet as two technicians work on her ink. Olympia - who has recently been in Los Angeles - is the younger sister of former Neighbours star Holly Valance, who is now known as Holly Candy. Earlier this year ...

What Hallie Knew
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He doesn’t need one. The driveway’s full of third-generation Pontiac Firebird Trans Ams, all black, all unusually clean, all with a telltale scanner illuminated in the front valance, the red lights sweeping back and forth. The scanner’s swishing ...

'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance' opens at Camelot
Johnson. Harrison calls "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" a morality play. "It’s a tale of love, hope and revenge where choices are not all black and white or right and wrong,” she says. Compton's version is significantly different than the 1962 ...

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Thick black smoke was seen billowing from the 12-storey building ... Australian singer and actress Holly Valance was nearby when the flames broke out. The 35-year-old tweeted: 'This is just terrible #mandarinoriental just minutes ago.

Olympia Valance is torn about whether to leave Neighbours
Olympia Valance has once again spoken about the possibility of leaving Neighbours. The star spoke to the Herald Sun about her lingerie endorsement deal that has established her in London, and how being signed to the same management agency in Los Angeles as ...

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Robbie Williams filmed fleeing huge London hotel fire on outdoor stairwell with other worried guests
Another celebrity at the scene was Australian singer and actress Holly Valance, who tweeted ... and witnesses described fleeing the building and seeing the sky filled with black smoke. Firefighters suspect the blaze spread across a facade for plants ...

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