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Silver Lake sand dunes debuts new John Deere for ORV area
MEARS, MI - Entrance and exit areas in Silver Lake's popular off-road vehicle area will look a little spiffier now that the state park has taken delivery of a new John Deere tractor. The grooming equipment will be used in the area home to the only sand ...

Original 1955 John Deere 60 Tractor Sold Over $25K on Nebraska Auction
Original is where it's at. I'm talking about when it comes to collector tractors. Original condition is King. The point was driven home yet again last week in the online collector ending May 17, 2018 for John Nikodym of Red Cloud, Neb. The online auction ...

Knute Buehler Drives into Boatnik on a John Deere Tractor
GRANTS PASS, ORE.- This morning Knute Buehler walked in today's Boatnik parade meeting voters. In May, Buehler secured the Republican nomination for Governor of Oregon. Knute Buehler is challenging sitting Governor Kate Brown for the second time in his career.

John Deere Recalls Compact Utility Loaders Due to Injury Hazard
Information is missing from the operator’s manual about the proper ballast when the loader is attached to a John Deere model 2025R tractor. If improperly ballasted, the tractor can be unstable and create a risk of injury to the operator or bystanders.

Deere-Hitachi unveil 345G LC, ZX345USLC-6 reduced tail swing excavators as partnership celebrates 30th anniversary
In what is perhaps the longest and most successful joint ventures in the heavy equipment business, John Deere and Hitachi are celebrating their 30 anniversary this year. To highlight the event the Deere brought the press to its Greensboro, North Carolina ...

John Deere reports net income of $1.2 billion
Net sales of the equipment operations were $9.747 billion for the second quarter and $15.721 billion for the first six months, compared with $7.260 billion and $11.958 billion for the periods last year. "John Deere reported another quarter of strong ...

Modifying Farm Equipment Leads Iowa Farmer to Grow His Business
Founder Vaughn Bauer, the farmer and entrepreneur who began modifying farm equipment 41 years ago, is responsible for the presence of both the John Deere plant (120 employees) as well as his own (60-plus employees) in a town of 230 people. Bauer and his ...

Deere-Hitachi Celebrates 30 Years of Construction Equipment Joint Venture
John Deere and Hitachi integrated marketing operations in 2002 in the Americas to streamline decision making and improve customer service, supporting construction and forestry equipment, as well as Hitachi's mining equipment. To improve parts fill and ...

Yes, Deere
As farmers earn more, they will be in a better position to upgrade their agriculture equipment. The reason why farmers would choose to upgrade to Deere products is because John Deere tractors are highly efficient with their Stage III PowerTech engines.

Tractor Tales: 1947 John Deere A
Three years ago when Marvin Schoepf of Lorenzo, Texasgot his 1947 John Deere A, his grandson said it was “yard art.” After there was water in the engine, his son didn’t think the tractor would ever run.

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