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News dealing with Ikea

The secret life of Ikea's enigmatic billionaire founder
Ikea's famously thrifty founder Ingvar Kamprad died Jan. 27, having built up a global self-assembly furniture empire that has changed the way we shop. Click ahead as we delve into the controversial billionaire's little-told past and chart his remarkable ...

Ikea is testing a veggie hot dog and it looks super tasty
Ikea has the answer to every vegetarian's prayers. Behold, the Ikea veggie hot dog. The Swedish store is currently testing a veggie hot dog in its Malmö store in Sweden with a view to launching the product across European stores this summer. SEE ALSO ...

Ikea is testing a multi-colored veggie hot dog, but only in Sweden
Ikea is testing veggie hot dogs in Sweden. The brand announced the meat-free offering via a press release and a social media post showcasing their new veg-heavy dog. The menu option is currently only available in their Malmö store. The final version will ...

IKEA Welcomes Spring with Annual Swedish Easter Påskbord
To welcome the beginning of spring, IKEA invites family and friends to celebrate with its annual Påskbord, a Swedish smörgåsbord buffet in honor of the Easter holiday. On Friday, March 9th, 2018, join participating IKEA stores nationwide** for an all ...

IKEA launches its own ‘clean energy’ tariff as flat pack giant claims it will save families £300-a-year
FURNITURE giant IKEA has branched out into the renewable energy market - by offering homeowners its own tariff. The Swedish chain announced the initiative after teaming up with The Big Clean switch, which aims to help people switch over to renewable suppliers.

IKEA Partners With Big Clean Switch To Save UK Customers Money On Renewable Energy
IKEA is committed to ideas and strategies that promote a sustainable environment. It has teamed up with LG Chem to offer customers in the UK lower prices on rooftop solar and residential storage battery systems. It now sells a prefabricated grow house that ...

How to create a trendy IKEA play kitchen for your kids
Do your kids love to play chef? Are you looking to create a special kitchen for them to use? Justin and Shea Rollins of Hartford House Design bought an IKEA play kitchen, but turned it into a trendy kitchen you'd see in one of their renovated homes.

IKEA’s New Veggie Hot Dog Is In Testing Now, And Even Meat Lovers Will Fall In Love
Pop quiz: what's the real reason we all go to Ikea? (A) The jazzy pet furniture. (B) The affordably priced organizational tools. (C) The food. (D) JK because of course it's the food. IKEA is often the answer when people want really good eats and maybe want ...

Colin and Justin: The ultimate IKEA hack
Tighter than a gnat’s ass in a sandstorm? Cannier than a bargain hunting Scot at a garage sale? Or simply sensible when it comes to Come on, nobody likes wasting cash, right? We certainly don’t. This in mind, and our ‘frugalista’ sensibilities ...

Why indie ecommerce will keep getting sucked up by the likes of Walmart and IKEA
In the early 1980’s, a Danish drummer placed an ad in a California newspaper looking for jam buddies and face-melting thrash metal was born. Over the course of the decade, Metallica built a genre and the world’s most passionate fan base with raw ...

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