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Chainsaw TLC: The importance of oiling your chain
“Machine oils are essential for performance and increasing the lifespan of your chainsaw,” says Michelle Sordi of Husqvarna Canada, the world’s largest producer of outdoor power equipment. “Optimal cutting performance comes from using the best ...

Police looking for chainsaw thief
Bloomfield Township police hope to identify a man who reportedly stole a chainsaw from the Lowe’s store at 1801 S. Telegraph Rd. on April 27. A cashier told police she said the man approach the exit doors with a 16-inch Husqvarna, valued at $269.99 ...

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Husqvarna Chainsaw Chains And Bars - 791 results
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Husqvarna : pilots pay-per-use and brings chainsaws and hedge trimmers into sharing economy
Starting this May, homeowners in Stockholm can access pay-per-use power tools for the garden, eliminating the need to maintain and store hedge trimmers, chainsaws and other tools that are used less frequently. The project is a pilot, and part of Husqvarna ...

Husqvarna Launches Virtual Reality (VR) Chainsaw Limbing and VR Chainsaw Championship
Today, for all chainsaw fans around the world, Husqvarna releases the first Virtual Reality (VR) chainsaw game - Husqvarna Limberjack. Via Valve's platform Steam, the game is now available to download world-wide for anyone that wants to test their limbing ...

Southwick Power Equipment owners say customer service sets them apart (photos)
The store offers sales of a variety of Husqvarna, Red Max and Bobcat machines, from mowers and snowblowers to chainsaws and trimmers. It has something for the small homeowner all the way to the commercial landscaper. It also repairs equipment, gives ...

Spring 2018 Slimey Crud Run | Top 10 Motorcycle Sights
and ends eventually at Leland, Wis. The only Harley-Husqvarna (chainsaw) hybrid we’ve ever seen, is ready for the road or the woodlot. But the miles through the scenic Wisconsin River valley unfold at the time, pace and along the routes each rider ...

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